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  1. I’ll disagree with Ted on the pcoaedurrl history point. Based on the level of detail that the essay seems to be shooting for, I think the Facts of the Case, Law of the Case, and Disposition contain all that is necessary on that score for first-year students to be able to navigate their case books.My suggestion is to consider adding a bit more detail about precedent, possibly in the paragraph on p. 4 about stare decisis, or in the possible effect and scope of the court’s decision. I think that one thing that confuses law students at the outset is how law is made or interpreted through cases. Some cases are in the case books because they provide useful a exposition and application of the rules already out there. Others are there because they make new rules or limit old rules. Some are in there for other reasons .The essay is a good thing, and explains a few things better than my legal writing instructor and professors did during my first year of law school.

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