4 January 2018

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Absorbed Areas (Laws) Act, 1954

[30th April, 1954] An Act to extend certain laws to the areas which, prior to the commencement of the Constitution, were administered as excluded or partially excluded areas and which, on such commencement, were absorbed in certain States.

1. Short title.
2. Definitions.
3. Extension of Laws.

BE it enacted by Parliament as follows:- 1. Short title.- This Act may be called the Absorbed Areas (Laws) Act, 1954.

2. Definitions.- In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-

(a) “absorbing State” in relation to an absorbed area means a State specified in the heading of the Schedule in which that absorbed area is specified;

(b) “absorbed area” means an area specified in column 2 of the Schedule.

3. Extension of Laws.- The Acts specified in column I of each of the Schedules and all rules, notifications, orders, schemes, forms and byelaw made thereunder, as in force in the absorbing State specified in the heading of that Schedule, are hereby extended to, and shall be in force in the absorbed areas specified in column 2 of that Schedule.


(See sections 2 and 3)



Name of the Act The absorbed areas
(1) (2)
The Requisitioned Land (Apportionment of Compensation) Act, 1949 (51 of 1949). 1. Hazaribagh and Manbhum Districts.
2. Sadar Sub-Division of the Palamau District.
3. Dhalbhum Sub-Division of the Singhbhum District.
4. Godda and Deoghar Sub-Divisions of the Santal Parganas District.



Name of the Act The absorbed areas
(1) (2)
1. The Indian Extradition Act, 1903 (XV of 1903). 1. Shahda, Nandurbar and Taloda Taluka of the West Khandesh District.
2. The Whipping Act, 1909 (IV of 1909). 2. The Dohad Taluka and the Jhalod Mahal of the Panch Mahal District.
3. The Police (Incitement to Disaffection) Act, 1922 (XXII of 1922).
4. The Cotton Transport Act, 1923 (III of 1923).
5. The Port Haj Committees Act, 1932 (XX of 1932).
6. The Seaward Artillery Practice Act, 1949 (VIII of1949).



Name of the Act The absorbed area
1 2
1. The Metal Tokens Act, 1889 (1 of 1889)  Angul.
2. The white Phosphorus Matches Prohibition Act, 1913 (V of 1913).
3. The Indian Emigration Act, 1922 (VII of 1922).
[4. The Coal Grading Board Act, 1925 (XXXI of 1925).]
5. The Coal mines Provident Fund and Bonus Schemes Act, 1948 (XLVI of 1948).



Name of the Act The absorbed area
1 2
1. The Indian Power Alcohol Act, 1948 (22 of 1948) Jaunsar Bawar Parganas in the Dehra Dun District and the areas of South of Kaimpur range in the Miezapur District.
2. The Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948 (34 of 1948).



Name of the Act The absorbed area
1 2
1. The Requisitioned Land (Apportionment of Compensation) Act, 1949 (51 of 1949). Darjeeling District.
2. The West Bengal Raw Jute Futures Act, 1948 (West Bengal Act No. 25 of 1948).
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