10 January 2018

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Airtel threatens to cut ties with Delhi Half Marathon over Air Pollution woes

November 7, 2017:

Airtel said it may have to rethink whether to continue supporting the event if pollution issue is not addressed urgently

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2017
Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2017

The Delhi Half Marathon’s sponsor Airtel on Monday has hinted that it may have to stop associating with itself with the event from next year if “authorities” refuse to address issue of Air Pollution in Delhi.

Indian Medical Association (IMA) has called for cancellation of race to be run on November 19, citing the high levels of air pollution in Delhi. T

Procam International which is one of the organisers termed it as “shortsighted” and added that they have support of the international athletes.

Airtel has been sponsor of the race for past nine years has stated that it now may have to rethink whether to continue to support the event if issue of the pollution is not addressed urgently.

Telecom Company in its statement further added that,“Air pollution poses a serious health risk and it is important that these concerns are addressed urgently and appropriately by authorities for Airtel to continue associating with event next year and beyond”.

Airtel stated that it has discussed the issue with organisers who have given assurances that race will be held with all the necessary safety guidelines in place.


A team of professionals is being deployed by Procam before race day to sprinkle salt mixed with effluent treated water across entire track to ensure that dust pollution is negated. Furthermore, no vehicles will be plying on route of the marathon.

Procam has acknowledged that race is a voluntary event and runners should take into consideration environmental factors, including the pollution and their health while participating in the race.

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