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Allahabad HC links Food habits to right to life, in a Petition challenging crackdown on illegal Slaughterhouses & Meat shops


Meat Ban Challenged

Bench said that State cannot intrude into homes of Citizens and prevent them from possessing and eating food of his choice.

Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court has observed that food, food habits & vending of food are directly linked to right to life & mustn’t be curbed by the state.

The bench was hearing a petition filed by a retail meat shop owner from Kheri, who appealed for renewal of his licence in view of the crackdown by UP govt. against illegal meat shops & slaughterhouses.

Bench of Justice A P Sahi and Justice Sanjai Harkauli expressed concern that the meat shops were being closed down without considering the renewal of shop-owners’ licences.

Bench pored over the legal & constitutional provisions in this regard earlier this week, and said that the Article 21 of the Indian Constitution extends right to life to every citizen.

Direction issued to the govt’s high-powered committee (to be headed by the chief secretary) to deliberate on the issue on 10th April to resolve this controversy.

Bench observed that “food that is conducive to health can’t be treated as a wrong choice & it’s for this reason that the provisions are obligated on state to be made available for maintaining requirement of supply of healthy foodstuff.”

The bench asked the govt. to apprise it of the conclusion of the committee’s deliberations on 13th April.

The court’s observations contained echoes of what the Bombay HC had said on Maharashtra beef ban about 1 year ago, which had stated that as far as the choice of eating food of citizens is concerned, the citizens can alone decide that the food of their choice is not injurious to health, he state can’t make an intrusion into a person’s home & prevent him or her from possessing & eating food of his choice.
The state govt. said it never intended to ban consumption of meat, which means it wasn’t going to close all the slaughterhouses & meat shops, but only wanted them to be regulated under Apex Court and National Green Tribunal(NGT) guidelines.
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  1. How to find case name from the news?

  2. Allahabad HC JUDG MENT..COMMENDABLE..In the guise of present supreme command over other parties, BJP Govts. whether in central or states, can not deprive the public of their fundamental right to take their choice food stuff not objected by our constitution…After all these majorities now BJP is enjoying are always subject to the fresh scrutiny of electorate at appropriate times..which they should not forget..


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