Anupama 28th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Anupama 28th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Today’s episode begins with Hasmuk noticing Anupama’s nameplate. Rakhi’s nameplate is removed and Anupama is fixed. Hasmuk visits Rakhi to tell her that the house is still under mortgage. He claims that if Anupama fails to pay her, he will fix her nameplate. Rakhi accepts Hasmuk’s nameplate and promises that she will fix it. She vows to kill Shahs. Rakhi claims that Shahs separated Kinjal from her, and that she now will weaken them enough to return Kinjal to her.

Rakhi confronts Kinjal about her behavior. Rakhi accuses Kinjal of benefiting Anupamas. Rakhi is told by Kinjal that Shahs might be upset if she loses her. Rakhi claims she will do anything to win her. Kinjal is going to return her one day, she believes. Dolly talks with Sanjay, and she gets emotional about the fact that Anupama chose Rakhi over her. Dolly is crying as Hasumk arrives. Vanraj asks Kavya, as they leave, to pack her bag.

Samar visits Kinjal to cheer her up. Kinjal says she was sad to see Rakhi and Anupama fight. Dolly also complained to Hasmuk about not taking her into consideration. She regrets Shah not choosing her to help him. Sanjay tells Hasmuk that Anupama was her brother and urges Rakhi to help him. Hasmuk makes Dolly and Sanjay see the reasons behind Anupamas’ step. Dolly is convinced. Kavya convinces Vanraj not to leave the home for family reasons, as Anupama will be driving Shahs on his absence.

Kinjal, Samar and the other side decide to take care of the family. Nandini panics when she gets a call. Vanraj confronts Anupama later for her error. Anupama justifies her actions and claims she was unaware of the fraudster. Anyone who would have been there would have found themselves in the same position. Rakhi, who is her pride, is also mortgaged to her half-property. Anupama begs Vanraj to not discourage her. Rakhi will be paid back. Anupama claims that she will leave the house when Rakhi’s papers are returned to her.

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