Anupama 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Today’s episode begins with Anupama telling Samar about Hasmuks words and saying that she placed an evil eye upon the house. Samar asks Anupama to not accuse her. Anupama claims she doesn’t know how she did this stupidity. Anupama is told by Samar that everything happens for our good and she has only taught the same. He decides to search for a new dance academy. Anupama hugs Samar.

Vanraj sees Rakhi at the home and asks her if Anupama called. Vanraj asks Rakhi if she was the one Anupama called. Kavya and Rakhi get into a heated argument. Kavya turns impatient. Rakhi is given a check. Kavya questions Rakhi about the interest she will return her money. Kavya is told by Vanraj that she will give her the cheque two days later. Kavya questions Vanraj about her inability to return the money. Rakhi asks Shahs for the money. Kavya asks Rakhi for the money and then leaves the area. Rakhi’s nameplate is also broken by her. Rakhi tells Shahs that if a cheque bounces, she will not spare them from today’s insult. She states that she will return the house papers if the cheque is cleared.

Vanraj and Kinjal ask Kavya why she is so impatient. Kavya assures that the deal will be completed today. Vanraj questions Kavya about why she doesn’t want to wait 2 more days. Kavya said she wanted Rakhi taste her own medicine. Later, Shahs pray to Anuj for a deal. Anupama is upset. Hasmuk encourages Anupama to keep her focused on the dance academy and not worry about God.

Kavya and Vanraj visit Anuj Kapadia’s office to sign the agreement. They meet Anuj’s boss. Kavya and Vanraj are given a document by the manager. Anupama prays for a deal. She recalls her time at the dance academy. Samar tells Anupama to not worry.

Kavya and Vanraj are also stunned as they read the papers. Samar tells Anupama all about Anuj Kapadia. He is excited to show his photo. Anupama spots Nandini being afraid. Nandini is confronted by her. Vanraj and Kavya then decide to speak with Hasmuk regarding the deal.


Nandini also shares her past with Anupama, Samar. She also tells them about Rohan. Samar is furious at Nandini because he kept things from him. He leaves

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