Anupama 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Today’s episode begins with Anupama showing Leela dry fruits. Jignesh and Hasmuk dance. Leela also asks Hasumk for his age. Shahs is excited about Janmashtami celebrations. Kavya arrives and is excited to celebrate Janmashtami. She is excited to be Radha. Vanraj says he won’t become Krishna. Kavya tells Vanraj that he is ready to become Krishn, just as Anupama was ready to become Radha. Anupama asks Kavya if she can’t take sense. Kavya realizes her error and tells Anupama that she doesn’t want anyone to be upset. Kavya also decided to become Radha. Anupama believes that Kinjal’s Janmashtami is Kinjal’s first Janmashtami so she should also become Radha. She suggests Nandini and Samar should dress up as RadhaKrishn. Kavya tells Anupama that anyone can become someone, but she won’t be left alone. Anupama said that she cannot be alone until Lord Krishna is with her.

GK gets Anuj ready. He insists that he become Krishn. Anuj is a follower of GK orders. Anupama finds Samar unhappy. She longs for his smile. Shahs prepare Janmashtami. G.K asks Anuj if he wants to marry a woman. Anuj states that he is content with his life. G.k requests Anuj to complete his work, as they need to visit the temple.

Nandini meet Anupama. Anupama tries to console Nandini. Samar meets Rohan elsewhere. Rohan causes Samar to confront Nandini. He tells him that Nandini had been in touch with him, and now he wants to make an impact in her life. Samar is furious.

Anupama tells Nandini to not worry, as Samar will soon understand that she is hiding Rohan’s whereabouts because she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. Kinjal informs Anupama & Nandini that Samar has not returned yet. Rohan tells Samar, however, that he will always be Nandini’s first love. Samar gets furious. Pakhi plans to surprise Anupama with a picture of Anupamas.

Meanwhile, Shahs are preparing for Janmashtami. Anuj searches for property papers. Pakhi plays Anupama, and Anuj photos are shown. Kavya learns Anupama was Anuj’s crush. Leela gets upset seeing pictures.

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