Anupama 9th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Baa sings Hathi Ghoda Palki Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki during Janmashtami pooja. Toshu and Kinjal perform Bal Gopal’s pooja first followed by Baa Bapuji, Vanraj Kavy, Samar Nandini, and AK GK. GK imagines Anu with AK performing pooja. After pooja, Anu presents halwa cake to celebrate AK’s birthday. Samar says mummy used to prepar halwa cake on his birthday during childhood. Anu says birthday is special for everyone and thanks AK again for saving Samar. GK says they are celebrating AK’s birthday with others for the first time after 20 years as Anu didn’t celebrate birthday with family since his parents left. Kinjal says no more emotional talks. AK cuts cake and feeding GK takes his blessings. Mamaji jokes if AK is Dimple Kapadia’s relative as he also looks younger than age like her. Kavya says AK has maintained himself really well. Baa says he doesn’t look like Anu’s classmate. GK says he takes care of AK. Mamaji jokes to take care of himself also. Everyone laugh. Mamaji says he thought his bhanja/nephew Vanraj is most fit, but AK is more fitter. Vanraj looks into mirror and remembers taunting Anu to take care of her body and join gym.

Kavya asks Vanraj to talk about business deal with AK. Vanraj says this is not the right place. Kavya says they may not find a chance again. Vanraj says he will try. Anuj says they will leave now. Baa tries to speak Urdu and invites them to visit often. Bapuji hugs GK and invites him for a chess match. Anu offers halwa box to GK. GK thanks and blesses her to get happiness which she didn’t even think of. AK smiles. Vanraj tells AK he needs to discuss about karkhana deal. AK says this is not the right place and he will get back to him once his legal team finishes formalities, he and Anu can visit office anytime for that. Kavya says why not tomorrow itself as she needs to discuss many business ideas with him. AK nods yes, thanks everyone for their wonderful hospitality and leaves with GK. Vanraj gets jealous seeing Anu standing at door to see them off and asks if she is getting laddu here. Anu says she is getting manners here, Baa says they should welcome and see off guests at door. Vanraj thinks AK is no more a guest and became everyone’s friend. Kavya asks Anu if she took AK’s number. Anu says no. Kavya says she should have as they need to reach him via his manager, she should take AK’s number via Devika and fix appointment tomorrow to finalize karkhana deal. Anu notices Samar and Nandini’s argument. Kavya repeats. Anu says Devika’s number is in home diary and she herself can call Devika and take AK’s number. Kavya fumes that Anu has everyone’s number except AK’s.

Anu asks Samar if he doesn’t trust Nandini now. Samar says Nandini made him lose trust on her. Anu asks if his trust is more fragile than glass and suggests him the importance of trust. Samar says Nandini meets her ex Rohan. Anu asks so what, even she is staying with her ex, doesn’t he trust even her. He says no. She explains him the importance of trust. Vanraj asks Kavya to speak to Nandini as Anu is speaking to Samar. Kavya says its their personal couple problem and she doesn’t want to interfere between them. He says he will speak to Nandini then. She excitedly says she will take AK’s number from Devika tomorrow and will meet him. He asks who AK, AK 47 or AK Hangal. She says Anuj, now the are friends as he celebrated Janmashtami with them, in fact if she was a teenager she would have tied a friendship band to him. Vanraj scolds her to stop behaving like a teenager. Anu asks Samar to respect the LOL/lots of love he shares with Anu. Kavya tells Vanraj that they will take Anu along to finalize karkhana deal as AK is having a soft corner for Anu. Vanraj gets more jealous hearing that.

GK and AK enjoy Anu’s prepared halwa and fight for it. They then laugh. GK says after his parents left, this was his best birthday and festival. AK gets emotional remembering his mother and both his parents passing away, then GK supporting him and becoming his mummy and supporting him in his career. GK says he didn’t do anything, its purely his hard work. AK says a kind man helped him start his career and now he is a successful businessman, he doesn’t want anyone to struggle like him and hence wants to help others take off their career. GK says he is proud of him. AK closes halwa box and says he will get it tomorrow morning as his sugar levels may increase. GK says this halwa is amrith/elixir. AK says yes and looks at Anu’s name on box. GK sings Chupana Bhi Nahi Aata Jatana Bhi Nahi Aata.. song. Back to Shah house, Vanraj looking himself in mobile asks if he looks old. Kavya says he looks handsome. Anu thanks Kanhaji for sending Anuj to save Samar and prays that nobody should have any problem with her and Anuj’s college friendship.

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