Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 13th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode starts with Nandini talking to the kid and his mother. She sends them away thinking that if Namrata sees her with them then she will create a huge chaos. At that time Namrata comes there and confronts Nandini. She lies that she was talking to her old neighbours but Namrata gets doubtful and proclaims that she is still trying to prove her wrong. She furiously gets inside the house and notify everyone that Nandini is trying to damage her image and was talking to some strangers. Darsh takes stand for his wife and ask Namrata not to assume things.

Here, Charmi comes in between and ask Nandini to be with them during the Puja. She indirectly tries to instigate Rajvi against Nandini and says that Nandini was at fault. At that time Vini comes inside, while a lady comes after her. Nandini and Parul gets shocked seeing Vini’s state and ask if she fought with someone. The women accuses Vini for harming her son and taunts Nandini for going against her family to support Aatish. Nandini apologises to the lady for Vini’s mistake, while Rajvi takes stand for Nandini asking the lady not to interfere in their family matter.

Nandini scolds Vini for fighting, while latter tells that everyone was talking bad about Nandini and so she have taught them a lesson. Nandini again scolds her and warns that next time she will punish her. Vini gets angry and leaves from there. Parul rebukes Nandini for scolding Vini and states that she will talk to her.

Ahead, Rawals starts the Ganesh puja. Nandini sees them from aside thinking that if she joins the Puja the. She couldn’t able to go to get proof for Aatish’s innocence. She prays to God and leaves from there, while Darsh keeps waiting for her. Parul says that maybe she don’t want to come to the Puja being upset. Whereas, Darsh ask Shobhit and Charmi to start taking Aarti. He thinks that Nandini isn’t doing something wrong.

Nandini meets the shopkeeper and ask him about the tablet which the women and kid have given him to repair. He goes to get it, meanwhile Charmi and Namrata gets suspicious about Nandini. Charmi replies that she have bribed the driver to keep an eye on Nandini and states that she have gone to meet some shopkeeper near Namrata’s house. The latter calls the shopkeeper and threatens him to stay away from the matter, while Charmi advice her to go there in order to stop Nandini from getting any proof.

Elsewhere, the shopkeeper informs Nandini about getting a call from Namrata and says that he doesn’t want to get involved in between their matter. Nandini gets worried but then determines to get the proof. She somehow manages to get inside the godown and searches for the tablet. Meanwhile, Namrata also reaches there and thinks that what Nandini must be trying to find in the tablet?

Nandini gets the gadget and sees the video. She hears Namrata’s confession that she will do anything to get divorce from Aatish. She gets relieved after getting the proof, while Namrata breaks the lock of godown and gets inside it. She couldn’t find Nandini and gets frustrated thinking about what she is searching for.

Further, Nandini rushes towards her house. She thinks about sending the video to Darsh, while Charmi sees her and thinks about informing Namrata. She tries to find her phone and looks down while driving. She hits Nandini and the tablet also gets broken. She gets scared seeing Nandini injured and unconscious. She runs away from there in order to save herself.

Darsh remembers Nandini’s words and gets worried for her. Rajvi ask him not to worry. He questions Vini about Nandini and even calls her but doesn’t get any response. He shares his tension regarding Nandini with Rajvi stating that he feels something bad have happened.

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