Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 14th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode starts with Charmi driving away after hitting Nandini. Namrata notices Charmi and gets suspicious seeing her scared. Meanwhile, Darsh keeps trying to contact Nandini and gets worried for her. At that time Aatish comes there along with inspector and lawyer. Everyone gets furious seeing him, while Rajvi notify that she called him. She declares that Namrata and Aatish’s divorce will happen inside the house but the case against him for domestic violence will proceed in the court. Shobhit also threatens him and ask to sign on the papers. The lawyer says that he needs some identification proofs of Namrata, while she goes out to bring it from her car.

Here, Nandini gets concious and checks her phone and tablet. She gets tensed seeing both isn’t working and rushes towards her home to show it to Darsh. Meanwhile, Namrata confronts Charmi and latter apprises her about the accident. Namrata gets shocked, while Charmi threatens that if she will get caught then she will drag Namrata also. She also tells that the tablet is broken and ask Namrata to relax.

At that time Nandini comes there in devastated state. She keeps muttering Darsh’s name and gets unconscious again. Charmi and Namrata drags her inside the room, while latter gets worried. Charmi ask her to relax and advice her to go to complete her divorce. Meanwhile, she gives sleeping medicine to Nandini in order to keep her inside for a while. She worries that whether Nandini have seen her or not and goes out towards the Rawals.

Elsewhere, Rawals mocks Aatish and warns her to never come near them. Parul sees a mouse, while Rajvi instructs not to kill it as it’s auspicious. Darsh sees it going near his room and rushes towards it. He opens the door and gets shocked seeing Nandini in devastated state. He helps her and brings her out.

Shobhit decides to call the doctor, whole Nandini keeps asking Darsh to show the proofs. Rajvi and Vipul gets frustrated and reminds Nandini that she should stay away from Namrata’s matter. Darsh takes stand for his wife and ask them to first see the proof. He shows the video to everyone and all gets shocked.

Ahead, Charmi thinks that when Nandini have shown the video to Darsh? While Nandini remembers how she sended him the video earlier. Namrata gets tensed and says that the video is fake. Rajvi slaps her hard, while Darsh also shouts at her for her deeds. She gets scared and cries in front of them.

Darsh apologises to Aatish and asks for forgiveness, while Shobhit says that the divorce is done for the better as Namrata doesn’t deserves Aatish. Vipul scolds Namrata and says that she deserves to stay alone for lifetime. Meanwhile, Rajvi rebukes her for blaming Aatish and trying to imprison him in fake case.

Further, Rajvi goes towards Aatish and apologises to him for everything. He looks at Nandini and shows his gratitude for trusting him. Darsh goes towards Nandini and ask for forgiveness as he didn’t trusted her. Whereas, Namrata determines to take revenge from Nandini.

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