Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 20th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode starts with Rawals getting shocked learning that Nandini couldn’t able to conceive. She cries and confronts Darsh asking that why was he celebrating her birthday even after knowing about the reports. He consoles her and says that there isn’t any reason not to celebrate her birthday. He comforts her saying that they both have each other and that is enough. He holds her face and makes her look at him. He says that he knows how eagerly she was waiting to be a mother, but ask her to accept what God has planned for them. He makes her look at Vini and says that they have her, he assures Nandini stating that even miracles do happen. He ask her to have trust in God, but Nandini runs away from there.

Here, Rajvi gets furious at God for giving pain to Nandini and Darsh. She shouts and goes away from there angrily. Meanwhile, Charmi smirks seeing all the drama. Vipul follows Rajvi and tries to stop her. She reminds him that how Chetan and Parul still yearn for thei own child. She states that she can’t see her kids in that state, whereas Vipul says that Darsh and Nandini are strong to face this situation. She remembers how she felt when Darsh was born and gets emotional thinking about Nandini.

Darsh comes inside his room and sees Nandini lost in her thoughts. He makes her sit and treats her wound. He says that he can feel her pain but ask her not to think much about it. He tries to console her, while she remembers his words and smiles. She goes towards him and offers him her birthday cake. He sings song for her while she cuts the cake. She gets emotional and gets close to him stating that she is feeling incomplete. He soothes her, whereas she gets strong stating that she believes in miracles. She remembers how she met him and both smiles looking at one another.

Elsewhere, Vini comes towards them and makes them smile with her talks. Darsh makes her sit with them and smiles. Later, he plans to get Nandini to the office along with him. At that time Rajvi and Vipul meets him, while he reveals about his decision to them. He states that life doesn’t stop for anything, whereas Vipul and Rajvi gets happy seeing him calm.

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Vini plays hide and seek with Jhilmil. She hides inside Charmi’s room, while latter smiles remembering that Nandini can’t be a mother. At that time Shobhit comes there and notify her that he have taken next month’s date to register their marriage. Charmi gets shocked learning about it. She scolds Shobhit for doing it too soon and says that they even know if Gunjan is dead or not. To which he replies that Gunjan isn’t alive. He tells about how she have changed and confronts that she stopped loving him. He says that she is free to leave, but declares that he won’t let her snatch his child from him.

Ahead, Shobhit leaves from there. Vini thinks that Charmi is bad as she keeps shouting at Shobhit. At that time Charmi calls someone and says that she wants to get rid of Rawals as soon as possible. Vini wonders that whom she was talking to?

Nandini goes inside store room and tries to repair the cradle. She gets emotional seeing it, while Chetan comes there and comforts her. He ask her not to torture herself and insists her to leave the cradle. She replies that it is more then a cradle to them, as they are emotionally attached to it. He says some soothing words to her and goes away from there. Whereas, Nandini sees a photo of a lady and wonders who it could be?

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