Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 28th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 28th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode 1: Nandini stops Charmi from washing Darsh’s skin. She takes the jug and wipes Darsh’s face. Charmi becomes annoyed and leaves. Darsh asks Nandini about her visit Bansuri’s home to tie her Rakhi. She looks the other way. Vini, however, prays to God to give her another brother. Charmi arrives and tells Vini that she has a baby inside. If it is a boy, he will become Vini’s younger brother. Parul arrives at Vini’s house and mingle with her. Charmi suggests Parul adopt her. Rajvi agrees and thanks Charmi. Parul is happy, but then thinks of Nandini and Darsh. Rajvi assures Parul that they will start their own family.

Namrata is excited to see Darsh. She expresses her gratitude to him for his sight restoration. She asks her how she looks. He replies that she hasn’t changed in any way. He laughs at her for using so much makeup. Shobhit is comforted and she meets Shobhit. Darsh requests her to tie the Rakhi while she ties it to them both. Darsh teases her by saying that they haven’t bought anything for her. She asks Darsh if he will buy her the gift she wants. She drinks the water and pours it on herself.

Rawals is shocked to see Namrata’s bruises. Darsh is concerned and asks her about it. She tells him how Aatish used to beat her. She tells Darsh that he continues to hurt her after she has drank alcohol, and it is difficult for her to get along with him. Rajvi cries and she tells her that she tried, but it’s not working anymore. Everyone is worried about her.

Namrata, however, says she doesn’t know where to turn. Nandini is supportive of her and assures her that all her family are with her. She explains that a girl can leave everything behind and make an adjustment with her husband. But, if he treats her poorly, then she will feel the same. She says that all women should resist such violence. Namrata is encouraged by her confidence. She asks Namrata to meet Aatish but she refuses.

Charmi says that Namrata should not be forced to confront her husband. She advised her to file for divorce and take legal action. Nandini, however, says everyone should confront their fears. They will make Aatish pay for the deeds he did, but she advises Namrata to confront him.


Namrata, looking ahead, looks at Rajvi then moves towards her. She asks if she would like her to go back to Aatish. Rajvi becomes anxious and says no. She decides to punish Rajvi. Namrata is hugged by her and she apologises. She comforts her daughter by crying out in pain.

Darsh dials someone to ask for Aatish. Nandini enters the room to try and calm Darsh. Aatish becomes furious and begins to cry about Namrata’s pain. He says that they used to scold Namrata for not adapting to Aatish, but never realized what she was going through. He claims that their husbands forget the worth of their wives. He is guilty of the hurt he did Nandini. She stops him and kisses her cheeks. She tells him her feelings and insists that they have never lost their love. Charmi is annoyed to see them together, but he smiles at her.

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