Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode begins with Nandini expressing her affection for Darsh. She tells Darsh how special she is to her. He asked her to understand her feelings. She was about to go when he stopped her. He hands her a box of chocolate and promises that whoever says “I love You” first will receive the chocolate. He smiles and eats happily while she smiles. Charmi, however, is annoyed at the moment.

Rajvi indulges Namrata here and apologizes for not understanding her circumstances. She takes a deep breath and says she will not be able come. Namrata turns to everyone and declares that she will not be able to come if they behave this way. Namrata says she wants to lead a normal lifestyle and begs them to not show sympathy. Rajvi apologizes and assures her. Charmi is happy and expresses her joy at Namrata’s decision.

Parul is thrilled when Vini’s lawyer confirms to her that she can legally adopt Vini. Chetan shares the news with Parul, who scolds her about not worrying about Namrata. She defends herself, saying that Namrata is her priority. Chetan states that they need to speak to Nandini first about the adoption. Parul wonders if Nandini would have any problems with them adopting Vini.

Nandini is late picking Vini from the tution. She becomes anxious and rushes to find Vini. Vini is happy to see Nandini, and begins running towards her. Nandini calls Vini to stop, and she rushes towards Vini as a car approaches. A man intervenes and saves her. Nandini is relieved and expresses her gratitude to the man who saved Vini. She embraces Vini as she sees his things on the road. She apologizes for the damage done to his items and insists on buying them for him. He explains that he was buying these items for his wife, and that it is normal for a husband not to buy them for their wives. Nandini states that his wife is very lucky and will pray for them.

Charmi mocks Shobhit for being a coward and rebukes him. She recalls the time he left her. He mocks her, claiming that he cannot do anything. She asks her to stop telling him that the baby inside of her is theirs. He gives her chocolate, but she throws it away saying that she doesn’t like it. She calms down and tells him that she’s having mood swings. He assures her that he will not force her to do anything. Vini listens to their conversation and wonders why Charmi doesn’t like chocolates. Charmi decides to get Darsh chocolates, while Shobhit leaves.


Charmi goes ahead and asks Darsh for chocolate. She tells Darsh that she has cravings and proceeds to open the box of chocolate he gave Nandini. She was about to open the box when Nandini stopped her. Vini says she will give it to her, but Charmi claims that Charmi refuses to accept it from Shobhit. Charmi lies to Charmi that he bought her dark chocolates which she doesn’t like. Darsh thanks her for the chocolate and she eats it from the box. Vini follows her, but she leaves. Nandini makes it clear that she is angry at Darsh for allowing Charmi their chocolate. He approaches her and begins to play the romantic “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha” song. She pushes him away and then runs off.

Charmi decides to win Darsh’s back. Nandini enters Namrata’s bedroom to give her turmeric milk. She hears her talk with her friend about a vacation. She gets suspicious but stays quiet. Namrata asks her for an alternate number of Aatish. She gets furious and says she doesn’t want any contact with him.


Charmi then enters Namrata’s bedroom and drinks the milk. She grips her tightly and says that her bruises are fake. Namrata warns her that Rajvi will complain, and Charmi requests her to move on. Namrata is scared and admits she doesn’t want her to live with Rajvi and Aatish.

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