Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode 1: Charmi instigating Namrata’s divorce from Nandini. She promises to help Namrata get divorced from Aatish. Namrata is happy and Charmi asks her to send Nandini out. Namrata agrees to join them both and they are happy. Nandini, however, recalls Namrata’s phone conversation. She becomes suspicious but eventually ignores it.

Nandini then opens the door to find the stranger who saved Vini. Nandini is shocked to learn that he claims he’s Namrata’s husband Aatish. Darsh appears and begins beating him. All gather in the hall, and Namrata whispers that Charmi had expected it. Aatish attempts to approach Namrata, denying all allegations. She starts acting and asks him to not beat her. Keshav shouts at Aatish, and Shobhit beats him. Aatish demands Namrata tell the truth while Nandini recalls her encounter with Aatish. Darsh promises to file a case against Aatish. Namrata is scared that Aatish might also attempt to prove herself innocent, which could lead her into trouble.

Namrata requests divorce while Shobhit, Darsh and Aatish force Aatish to sign the divorce papers. He denies that he will give her divorce. While Namrata accuses him of lying, Darsh or Shobhit push him out of his house and shut the door on him. Rajvi walks towards the God’s icon and apologizes to Namrata for making her stay with him. Namrata says they didn’t know that Aatish could stoop so low.

Nandini, who is also present, says that she doesn’t believe Aatish can harass Namrata. Charmi and Namrata get scared. Nandini accuses Namrata of trying to prove her wrong. Nandini informs them about her encounter to Aatish, and explains how he saved Vini. Darsh claims Nandini was unable to see Aatish’s true self, while Rajvi says that some people are good at putting others down. Namrata reproaches Nandini, while Rajvi requests everyone to rest.

Nandini is sad and loses her mind. Darsh approaches her and she explains that she didn’t intend to accuse Namrata. Darsh comforts her by reminding her about Rajvi’s words. He asks Nandini to rest and then goes into their bedroom with her.


Rajvi orders Nandini to sit, while Darsh surprises Nandini with homemade food and serves it. He looks at her lovingly while Parul explains the importance of fasting to ensure their husband’s longevity. When Charmi arrives at Nandini’s house, she hurls Nandini food while pretending to be in pain. Parul and Rajvi become concerned for her while Charmi pretends to apologise to Nandini.

Charmi believes that Nandini should not be allowed to eat Darsh’s food. She also states that she wants to be fast. Rajvi says no, while Parul claims that it’s only for married women. Charmi responds that she will marry sooner or later and asks Charmi to let her fast. Rajvi eventually agrees with Charmi and asks her to let Charmi know if she is feeling uneasy.


Nandini also prays to God to protect Darsh. Meanwhile, Charmi glares her. Later, Darsh brings Nandini into their bedroom and gives her snacks. He tells her that she can have it if she’s hungry. She giggles and says she doesn’t want to eat it. Rajvi calls her and she runs away. Charmi, however, overhears their conversation.

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