Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode begins with Rajvi asking Darsh for mouth to mouth respiration to Charmi. Nandini rushes downstairs to call Bansuri. Darsh asks if there are other options. Rajvi then scolds Darsh and tells him to hurry. Nandini arrives and stops Darsh. She claims that Naveen gave her the medicine. Rajvi says they don’t trust Naveen. Nandini is forbidden from giving the medicine, as Charmi and her baby are at risk.

Darsh reluctantly walks towards Charmi to perform CPR. Nandini spots the jammed door and informs everyone. Shobhit arrives at that moment. All of them try to remove the obstruction. Nandini breaks the obstruction and opens the door. Shobhit asked Charmi to give her mouth tk mouth breathing. Charmi’s plan to stop breathing failed, so he approaches her. She says she is fine, and everyone becomes concerned.

Vini is informed by the watchman that Vini’s mother has come to pick them up. She sits down in the car, and she sees many chocolates. She eats the chocolate and becomes unconscious. Aatish, who was about to drive when Vini spotted her, gets in the car and is about to get out of it. Namrata and Parul then arrive. They start looking for Vini, but are shocked to see Vini unconscious in the backseat. Parul attempts to wake her up, but Aatish accuses him. Namrata accuses Parul of trying to justify his actions. Parul is furious and tells Aatish not to go near Vini.

Parul and Vini leave, while Namrata giggles as she recalls how she bribed Vini to lie to him. Aatish is threatened by her, and she tells him what she can do.

Darsh approaches Nandini and attempts to kiss her. He is sent away by her and she troubles him. He becomes romantic while she teases Vini that he will complain to Vini. Parul and Vini then arrive. Nandini asks Nandini about her condition, and everyone is shocked. Parul informs Nandini that Aatish attempted to kidnap him. Nandini is dumbfounded and asks Parul why he did it.


Namrata asked if anyone had called the doctor. Parul replied positively. She begins acting out like a madwoman and becomes anxious for Vini. She vows to wait outside Vini’s school to protect her. Then she thinks about Aatish’s school and becomes worried. After Vini is adopted, she says she will only need to care for Vini. Nandini freezes when she learns about it, and everyone else looks at her.

Namrata also signals Charmi. Nandini then asks Darsh if he told Nandini about it. Rajvi later stated that Darsh will soon have a family with Nandini and Nandini, so it would be better for her to give Vini to Parul. Chetan also asks Nandini to adopt Vini, stating that Parul would be hurt if they don’t. Darsh and Nandini stand there in shock while Darsh requests that they give her some time. Rajvi reminds Nandini of Vini’s bond and asks them to help understand the situation.


Parul and Vini arrive at that moment. Nandini embraces Nandini and becomes emotional. Parul claims that someone has spiked the chocolates, but assures her that the doctor has given the medication.

Vini says that Nandini was waiting inside the car when the guard told Vini. Nandini is confused by the guard’s statement. Namrata says Namrata that Aatish might have bribed Nandini. Parul was about taking Vini, but Nandini holds him. Rajvi arrives and makes Vini join Parul. Chetan tells Nandini to let her think.


Nandini walks away, reminiscing about the moment Jhunjhunwala asked her to care for Vini. She has flashbacks to her time with Vini, and then she breaks down. Darsh is there to comfort her. He claims he will speak to his family. She however states that they need to speak to Jhunjhunwala’s lawyer about the adoption matter. Darsh asks her if Vini is willing to be given to Parul or Chetan. Nandini watches.

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