Balika Vadhu 2 1st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Kalpesh sees Anandi’s doll on the chair, and he breaks it up. Kalpesh fears Anandi will cry after seeing the doll, so he panics before hurriedly hiding it in his cupboard. Leela meets Ratan, and Ratan is shocked to see her weak state. She questions her about the reason. Leela recalls that she had warned Bhuvan to not make Kalpesh fall for bad habits because he is a child and his nephew. But he beat Leela and kept her locked in the room.

Ratan doesn’t hear anything from Leela. Anandi arrives and begins searching for her doll. Kalpesh becomes worried when he sees it. So that nobody questions him, he pretends to be a student. Anandi begins to cry and complains to Ratan about not being able find her doll. They begin to search for it. Premji receives a new Sherwani from Jigar. Gopal doesn’t like Sherwani when he asks him to try it. It doesn’t move when you turn around, he says. He says he wants Ghaghra to look like his childhood. Jigar giggles at him, and Premji scolds. He teaches him that he is a boy and should behave as Jigar.

Khimji joins Ratan as well to search for Anandi’s doll. Kalpesh rudely replies that he is studying about it. Ratan is about opening his cupboard, but he stops him and says he will look. Ratan discovers the doll broken in Kalpesh’s closet later that night while he is still wearing clothes. He is shocked. She is unsure if he intentionally broke it or not, and she wonders why he didn’t accept his error.

Ratan offers Anandi a nice tiffin to cheer up her. Kalpesh receives the tiffin and she asks him to inspect it. He is shocked to see the doll pieces broken. Ratan questions him about it. He begins to cry and admits that he had broken it by mistake. Ratan questions him about why he didn’t tell it to Khimji before, if it was by accident. He claims he was afraid of being scolded so he kept it secret and asks Khimji not to know about it. Ratan promises that she will be thinking about what to do. Premji later meets Anandi along with Jigar, Gopal and Jigar. He tells her that he cannot find her doll. Anandi is told by him that magic can help them find their new doll.

Anandi finds the doll in the toy room and is very happy. Premji also gave Anandi a male doll. She promises to get them married and have fun with Gopal. Kalpesh and Jigar talk about Anandi. She says she wants everyone to pay attention to her. Jigar tells Kalpesh that he will do anything against Anandi, but not to get caught.


Anandi arrives with snacks and asks them to have fun with her. Jigar asks Anandi to give him a male doll, but she refuses and continues to play with Gopal. Gopal is fascinated by Anandi’s colourful Ghagra Cholis. He says he enjoys playing garba a lot. They both wear Ghagra cholis, and they start playing dandiya. Jigar arrives at the scene and is shocked to see Gopal in Ghagra.

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