Balika Vadhu 2 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Balika Vadhu 2 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist on

Anandi sees Bhuvan raising his hand on Leela. But he stops when Anandi is present. She gives the tiffin to her and then leaves. Khimji and Ratan discuss Bhavan’s ill-treatment of Leela. Khimji informs Ratan about the village complaints about Leela crying a lot. Ratan defends her brother, but he doesn’t want Ratan to believe he is wrong. Bhuvan is given a tiffin filled with sweetdish by Leela. He realizes it is very little and blames Leela for not eating it. He hits her again and scolds her for not being capable of giving birth.

Anandi speaks at home about Bhuvan’s attack on Leela, but Ratan assures her it is not as she believes. Kalpesh says that Anandi acts as if she has the whole village. Anandi claims that she talks to everyone, unlike Kalpesh, who doesn’t help anyone. Kalpesh claims he is not their servant. Kalpesh becomes angry when Ratan, Khimji and Khimji inform him that Anandi is correct and that they should help those in need.

Premji is met by staff who tell him Dewadi forced them to leave when he was gone. Dewadi acts rudely, claiming that she is the business owner and should be obeyed. Premji calms Dewadi and tells staff to give him some time to manage all the things. He contemplates what he should do. Baa is speaking to Leela while Anandi, Dhingli and Dhingli are on the phone. Leela recounts the last night incident, and Anandi notices injuries on Leela’s shoulders. She is shocked and she meets Bhuvan.

Bhuvan was having a few drinks with friends when he saw Anandi. He is shocked to learn that Anandi brought the sweetdish for him. She says it was her. Leela shouldn’t have been hit for this. Anandi asks him if Leela told him all that, but Anandi tells him she saw the injury. He tells Leela that he was hurt while working at stable. Anandi apologizes for the misunderstanding. He tells her what he’s drinking. He tells her she should go home, but it is not for children. Dr Saarda arrives and helps to understand the situation. Anandi is told by Dr Saarda that Ratan should be concerned and she takes her home.

Kalpesh is happy to see Anandi back at home and will be scolded. Ratan, however, hugs Anandi and thanks her for telling the truth and allowing her to make mistakes. Even Khimji praises her. Ratan, however, lies to Anandi. She tells Leela that her maternal uncle did not hurt Leela. Later, Saarda expresses concern over the village’s deterioration due to Nagji becoming Sarpanch. Khimji is praised by her and she ends the episode asking him whether the marriage between Anandi, Jigar, actually took place years ago.

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