Balika Vadhu 2 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Balika Vadhu 2 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist on

Khimji recalls Premji asking him to keep the truth regarding marriage secret. Sarda is again misled by Khimji, who claims that marriage did not happen eight years ago. He feels guilty for lying so many times and can’t forgive Premji. Premji has a conversation with his parents about business and informs them that Dewadi will cause them to lose their job. He says that she stole the designs from the workers and made them quit their jobs when they refused to give their designs. He scolds her, tries to get her to understand, but she becomes angry and flees.

Khimji informs Ratan that he is concerned about Bhuvan. She questions if it’s because he works alongside Nagji. Khimji says it’s fine as he takes care of the sugar mill, and because he is always with Sarpanch people will respect him. However, he doesn’t trust Nagji. Rattan assures him everything will be okay. Later Khimji asks Ratan if Anandi fell asleep. She praises Anandi’s honesty. Kalepesh questions Kalepesh about whether it is okay to steal, and then accepts the error. Khimji attempts to explain that they praised Anandi for her courage and she accepted her mistake. It is not easy for everyone to be brave enough to do so. Kalepesh believes that even if Anandi breaks the head of someone, and then asks forgiveness, they will. He is jealous of Anandi’s parents love.

Leela visits Anandi, gives her Lapshi (sweetdish), and then hugs her. Anandi is very happy, and she eats the sweets. Ratan questions Leela if Bhuvan had hit her. Leela recollects the incident, but Ratan lies to her. He told her he liked Lapshi so he couldn’t believe Ratan sent so much. He didn’t physically hurt her. Ratan observes the injury on Leela’s shoulders and asks about it. But she lies that she was working in a hurry. Anandi is reassured by her that she will be with her next time she plucks mangoes. She hugs her once again. Anandi asks Ratan why Leela hugged her twice. Ratan hugs her too.

Later Ratan cooks in the kitchen, and Anandi insists on helping. Kalepesh watches from far. Anandi makes chapati in shape of elephant. Ratan and Anandi laugh and have fun. Khimji teases them. Kalepesh is insecure about Anandi’s proximity to Ratan. He pretends he is hurt. He starts to feign pain and everyone runs to him. Anandi assures him that he is fine, and that he was outside playing a while back. Anandi shouts at him. Khimji requests him to speak to his sister properly. He becomes angry and runs away, but ends up hurting himself. Anandi laughs, and says that he was hurt. Khimji is visited by some women who gossip later. Anandi and Ratan see each other and tell one another that those who have a stronger bond will soon separate. Anandi weeps when Ratan and Khimji tell Anandi that Ratan will soon die before Anandi. The episode ends with Ratan, Khimji and Anandi pacifying Anandi, while Kalepesh feels again jealous.

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