Balika Vadhu 2 26th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Balika Vadhu 2 26th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist on

Ratan makes Anandi realize that she will not leave her, and then makes her smile. She asks her if he will accompany her to the ceremony. Kalpesh, who was listening to their conversation, comes over and tells them he will too. Anandi teases him, and he shouts back. Kalpesh feels angry and left out when Khimji and Ratan hug Anandi. Kalpesh wakes up next morning and when Ratan arrives to get him ready for school, she discovers he has fever. She asks him to rest and to skip school.

Anandi is taken to school by Dhingli. Anandi questions Kalpesh about Kalpesh, and asks him if he is lying. Ratan says he is actually sick. Kalpesh asks Kalpesh to massage her head and give him medicine. Dhingli is asked a question by her teacher at school. She answers correctly. Teacher notices Anandi staring at the ceiling and asks her to explain. Anandi believes it is very simple and draws a smiley emoticon on the board. Teaches questions her about why she did it. She explains that she was just drawing a circle, so she added eyes and made a smiley face. She is criticized by her teacher for not paying attention to class and being always tired. She suggests complaining to her parents the next time.

Dhingli questions Anandi about why she doesn’t study. Anandi said that these things don’t help in real life, and that teachers make her feel sleepy. Anandi asks Dhingli if she will be attending the ceremony. Dhingli replies that she hasn’t been invited. She is sad that she was not invited. Anandi assures her that she will share with her all the details. Hetal asks Amba if she can bring her daughter-in-law out to show her the way. She says she is still waiting for Ratan.

Hetal informs her that Khimji, not Sarpanch, is now Nagji and that his wife is already there. Ratan arrives and Hetal attempts to argue with him. Amba then brings her daughter-in-law, whose face is covered. She sits next to Ranchod, her husband. Hetal states that she doesn’t have any relatives and should take off the cover to show her daughter-in-law. Hetal jokes that they will be friends.

Ratan claims it will set a good example for all. Anandi is assured by Amba that the ritual will be performed. Anandi looks at Padmavati and says that she is too beautiful. Everyone continues to look at her face. Hetal laughs and says that Ranchod got his diamond from coal. Hetal tells her to protect his wife. Ranchod is humiliated. Everyone goes to dance. Anandi drags Padmavati too. The men standing there make fun of Ranchod’s skin, which makes him mad. Hetal claims that his wife is too free-spirited and dances without shame. Amba asks her to stop dancing, while Anandi watches.

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