Balika Vadhu 2 27th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Balika Vadhu 2 27th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Ratan praises the bride for her dancing skills. She tells Garba that Garba is an art form and praises her talent. Godavari presents Anandi with money and gifts. Anandi tells Godavari her part. Ratan requests her to not give it, but she says that Anandi shares her joy and sorrow according to ritual. She should therefore share it with her. Ratan compliments Amba for her positive thoughts and says that she is blessed to have a beautiful and understanding daughter-in-law. Khimji questions Ratan about the ceremony. Khimji praises the new bride but instead praises Ratan. She tells him she is the best.

Ranchod enters the room, holding Godavari’s hands. But then he suddenly recalls all the mocking people and leaves. He takes a vigorous bath and rubs his skin, feeling bad for having a darker complexion. Godavari asks him why he suddenly left. He just gives excuses. Godavari is told by Amba that they will visit temple to receive blessings from the goddess. Kalpesh still has fever and refuses to go to school. He says that medicines are bitter and that he doesn’t want it. Khimji tells him to drink his home-made kadha, or he will call a doctor to give him an injection.

Anandi arrives at the school and begins to complain that she doesn’t want to go. She is stubborn and insists that she will not go. Khimji calls Premji in order to speak to Anandi. Premji explains to Anandi the importance of studying. Premji agrees to come to her school sooner so she can go to school. He giggles and says he will be there soon. Anandi asks him to list the things she wants. Jigar watches as Premji happily talks to Anandi over the phone. Dewadi instigates him saying Premji always praises Anandi but never praises Jigar. He is angry. Premji disconnects the call and asks Jigar to come have breakfast with them. But he runs away. Sejal and Premji wonder what has happened to him.


Bhuvan and his friends tease women on the roads. He sees Kadvi baa and runs away. Khimji later discovers that a Nagji worker is scolding and hitting the labourer. Khimji inquires about the situation and the man replies that he damaged one carton containing mangoes because of negligence in the labor. Khimji discovers broken glass pieces that smell like alcohol after they have left. Khimji wonders if Nagji is involved in illegal alcohol business, hiding it under the name of mangoes. He carefully takes the glass with him and picks up the piece.

Anandi and Dhingli are happy to be together at school. The class is discussed by a new girl admitted and her mother. Another lady approaches and tells the girl that Dhingli is not her friend. She is also inauspicious, and she ate her mother right away. Anandi explains that she and Dhingli were together from birth, and she didn’t eat him. Anandi asks innocently how a small child can eat another human being.

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