Balika Vadhu 2 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Anandi tells the lady not to talk ill about Dhingli. Dhingli then makes Anandi laugh by tickling him. Khimji takes the glass to police, complaining about Nagji’s illegal alcohol business. Police don’t believe him. Nagji arrives at the scene and claims that one of his staff members was engaging in illegal business. Khimji then leaves. Anandi presents sweets to Dhingli. She tells Dhingli that she brought them from the ceremony place. Then, Anandi asks her to complete homework for Anandi. Dhingli agrees that she will do half.

Anandi hears Kalpesh’s friends talk about Kalpesh claiming to be sick and raising his temperature with onion while returning home. Khimji and Ratan are caring for Kalpesh, and Anandi believes that they can teach him a lesson in lying. She tells her parents to bring Kalpesh to the doctor. Kalpesh says that he will be fine tomorrow, but he denies it. Anandi exposes Kalpesh to the onion he kept secret and shows it to him. Khimji becomes very upset and scolds Kalpesh. Kalpesh begins to cry and Anandi laughs at him. Anandi tells Kalpesh about a lady at school who called Dhingli inauspicious. Anandi then stands up for her. Khimji praises her generosity in helping others. Khimji asks Ratan to teach Kalpesh from Anandi. He is angry and annoyed.

Dhingli returns home to find Kadvi Baa hurt. Anandi is alone studying at home and continues to fall asleep. She wanders around the house looking for Dhingli, and eventually finds him. Dhingli was there to sell items because Kadvi Baa got hurt in her foot. However, she can’t sell anything. Anandi arrives and helps Dhingli by applauding customers and making her some money. Dhingli promises that she will do the same next time.

Bhuvan is a friend who drinks alcohol. Kalpesh arrives with a sad expression. Khimji asked Kalpesh to behave like a man when he was crying. Bhuvan giggles at him. Kalpesh questions him about what he is drinking. It is a drink for the elderly and called alcohol. Kalpesh says that his father does not drink it. Bhuvan giggles when he offers him a glass. He says that once he has drunk it, he will discover everything is good and become a man. Kalpesh recollects Khimji’s scolding and Anandi’s exposure. He starts to feel unwell after he has had alcohol. Bhuvan is worried to find out that Kalpesh has fainted.

Dhingli thanked Anandi for selling the items and said that she thought she wouldn’t be able earn any money but she now has money. Dhingli and Anandi see an ice cream seller. Dhingli asks Anandi to go get some ice cream, but Anandi stops her. She says that the money they have earned belongs to Kadvi Baa. It is not appropriate to spend it without her permission. Dhingli soon realizes that she made a mistake. Dhingli admits that she wants to be a married woman and Anandi is shocked when she mentions the word marriage.

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