Balika Vadhu 2 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Anandi and Dhingli return to Kadvi Baa, handing over the money they made selling goods. Baa is delighted to discover the amount. Dhingli credits Anandi’s intelligence. She tells Baa how Anandi can influence customers to purchase the goods by telling them. Baa offers them money to buy ice cream, but Anandi refuses to accept it. Dhingli reminds her that she is not late for school. Baa claims Anandi is smart and understanding.

Bhuvan takes Kalpesh unconscious with him and Khimji follows him. Khimji follows Bhuvan, but fails to locate him with Kalpesh. Bhuvan feels relieved. Anandi and Ratan come to Kadvi Baa’s aid. Ratan is speaking to Baa. Anandi, Dhingli and Dadisa act as Anandi from Balika Vadhu and sell goods. Anandi and Dhingli alter their appearances and have a conversation, according to the show. They have fun together. Kalpesh refuses to eat Dhokla, but Ratan insists. When she asked him if he would like to eat another food, he abruptly left the room. Khimji informs Ratan that he only wants attention and that they should ignore him for a few days.

Jigar prepares for school, telling Devadi that he prepared well for the exam. He also kept extra pen. She manipulates him by telling him that Premji will be meeting Anandi, and that they will have lots fun together. She instigates Jigar to go against Anandi. Jigar visits Premji, and he says that he would like to go along with him. Sejal informs Jigar that he had prepared so well for the exam. He doesn’t understand why Jigar is stubborn. He falls in a small argument and is not hurt. Devadi arrives and starts the drama again. Premji is told by Sejal that his children need his time. Premji cancels the trip. Sejal and Premji talk to Anandi via videocall.

Anandi is upset that Premji won’t be coming to see her. Sejal is told by Anandi to pull his ears if Premji doesn’t keep his promise. Khimji is told by Anandi that she was just laughing with Premji. Anandi is later greeted by Premji who gives her many gifts. Kalpesh watches. Premji gives Anandi lots of love and Odhani. She wraps it around her body and dances happily. Premji has an idea. He tells her to pose and he says that Anandi gave him the idea for his business. He then tells her that he will now make readymade Odhanis, in the same way Anandi draped them so that little girls can wear it and use it. Kalpesh is given a badminton racket, and a ball. Anandi teases him about the fact that he received less gifts. But elders teach her not to tease older brother like that. Later Khimji, Ratan and Anandi watch Balika Vadhu on TV and Anandi starts crying seeing Anandi on tv suffering. Ratan worries about Anandi’s future in her in-laws place. He wonders if they made a mistake by having child marriage. Khimji consoles him and tells her that Premji is there so Anandi can get all the love. Anandi and Ratan are seen playing with their doll in parallel.

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