Balika Vadhu 2 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Bhavan calls Khimji to inform him that Kalpesh is in hospital. Khimji becomes worried and rushes to the hospital. Khimji asks Sarda why Kalpesh is unconscious. She tells him that it’s due to excess alcohol consumption. Khimji is shocked at the news. Sarda advises him to be patient with Kalpesh and not to scold. Bhavan gets worried. Anandi weeps, but Sarda consoles and assures Kalpesh that he will soon be alright. Khimji asks Bhavan where he found Kalpesh.

Bhavan recalls that Leela called him after Kalpesh was found unconscious at their house. He tells Leela that he found Kalpesh unconscious underneath a tree while going to temple and that he took him to dispensary. Leela watches as her husband lies. Anandi says she will check Kalpesh. She tells her family that Kalpesh has regained consciousness and is looking better. Khimji questions Kalpesh about where he got alcohol. He lies about helping someone, but he doesn’t mention Bhavan’s name. Khimji once again thanked Bhavan for saving Kalpesh. Anandi promises to take care of Kalpesh, and will not allow him to consume that harmful juice. Khimji decides that he will get to the bottom of those who are involved in illegal alcohol business in the village.

Kalpesh hears Anandi say that she kept Kalpesh’s books in his bag according to the timetable, but she didn’t do homework because she can’t do hers. Khimji tells her to concentrate on studying. Anandi is always absent from school to watch Kalpesh. Dhingli later questions her about why she is spying on Kalpesh. She tells Dhingli about how he had consumed bad juice, which caused him to become sick.

Khimji and Sarda meet outside the police station. He tells her that he finds it suspicious that Bhavan brought Kalpesh, and that Anandi was also with him at that time. Khimji believes Bhavan should know where alcohol is sold so that he can assist in finding the culprits. Kalpesh and Anandi argue at home. Kalpesh claims Anandi is his friend’s jokester because she was always around him. Ratan stops them arguing.

Ratan hears Anandi say that she was just a shadow of Kalpesh. Ratan tells Anandi that it is not necessary to follow him throughout the day. Anandi claims that she had spoken to Dhingli about the incident. Ratan becomes furious, and she is about to raise her arm. But Khimji stops her. Khimji tells Ratan about Sarda’s words. She tells him to not blame her brother. Khimji claims he is only saying Bhavan can help find information, but Ratan tells him to let her brother live in peace. Kalpesh teases Anandi about Ratan’s scolding. He promises to beat her. Ratan arrives and scolds Kalpesh about his sister’s behavior. Anandi ends the episode by saying that Kalpesh and Ratan can beat her if needed.

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