Barrister Babu 1st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Everyone is doing haldi on Laboni at the beginning of the episode. Bondita’s Haldi Ritual is also taking place. Participating are Sumati, Thakuma and Sampurna. Sampurna claims she is from both sides and will use more haldi to Bondita. Bondita looks happy. Tapur and Tupur also apply Haldi to Bondita’s dreams. Kali asks Bondita about dance performance. Bondita joins other women to dance for the entertainment of her guests. Anirudh watches as she serves juices. Bondita also dances around him. Later Anirudh takes Bondita somewhere. Anirudh falls for Bondita. Anirudh, Bondita and Anirudh both apply haldi to each other and become romantic. Laboni’s cry is heard. They check.

Laboni weeps, saying that she wants her brother to be there for her wedding. He is her aunt’s only brother and son. He may refuse to travel, but Kali will take her palanquin. Kali consoles her by saying that her brother is too spoilt and won’t fulfill his duty. Laboni isn’t ready to accept it. Kali sees Anirudh, and calls him. She orders him to wear Pagdi, and she tells him that Laboni is her brother. Laboni’s in laws don’t know anything about Anirudh so they won’t be doubtful. Laboni insists that this is not possible. She is upset. Bondita notices this. Kali asks Anirudh for a brotherly act, as Laboni can’t see her tears. Anirudh is told by Bondita that if he turns into a brother, they could end up in serious trouble. Bondita asks Laboni’s brother to come to the wedding so Anirudh doesn’t have to deal with all of the drama.

Chandrachur criticizes Tupur and says she will not attend a wedding. Tupur claims that her mother-in-law was insisting that Chandrachur go to the wedding. Chandrachur claims that Tupur doesn’t want him finding Bondita. That’s why she is trying engage him in other activities. Tupur tells him that his mother said nowadays Chandrachur doesn’t care about Bondita. If he doesn’t attend the wedding, Thakuma will know about Chandrachur’s true intentions. Chandrachur is scared to hear this and calls Laboni. Laboni is happy to learn that her brother will be attending her wedding. Tupur believes Chandrachur will be busy at the wedding function. Bondita cannot travel far from him, and Tupur can still win Chandrachur’s affection. Laboni is shocked to hear that Chandrachur says that Tupur will not be coming because she is sick. Tupur is shocked to learn that.

Trilochan questions Sampurna regarding Anirudh’s telephone call. Sampurna lied that he didn’t call her. Trilochan is shocked when Binoy tells Trilochan that Anirudh called them both. Binoy is hyper and asks for toys. Trilochan takes Binoy to his room. Sampurna is told by him that Binoy is aware that they are enemies, but that Binoy was hurt. Sampurna wishes to forget about that incident.

Trilochan makes Sampurna tell Anirudh about Anirudh’s whereabouts or he will torture Sampurna. Sampurna claims she isn’t afraid of anything, but she will protect Anirudh’s and Bondita’s love at all costs. She is Bondita’s sister and Anirudh’s mother. She will be their mother and bond them together, but she won’t reveal where they are at the moment.


Laboni praises Bondita’s aalta design. Bondita is tired and believes Anirudh must also be tired. Anirudh sits next to her and tickles it. Bondita stands up, and Anirudh forces her to sit. To complete the ritual, he says he will apply aalta to Bondita’s feet. Bondita warns him to not touch her feet, but Anirudh refuses to listen. Bondita states that it feels like a dream to her and should not be broken today.

Anirudh promises that nothing will go wrong. They will marry. Bondita meets Chandrachur, and the latter shoots Anirudh. She screams out in terror and wakes up. It’s a nightmare, she realizes. Anirudh calms Bondita and hugs her. She tells him she cannot live without him because she had a terrible dream. Anirudh encourages her not to worry. Bondita is being called by someone and she is about leave, but Anirudh’s saree stays with her. Anirudh believes this to be a sign that we should always remain together. Bondita smiles at him and he gets romantically with her.

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