Barrister Babu 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Barrister Babu 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist on

The episode begins with Sampurna telling Bondita that Anirudh loves him a lot and she must change her mind. Bondita says she doesn’t love Anirudh. Sampurna claims that this is false. Why doesn’t she accept her true feelings? Sumati says that Bondita told me to swear on her so she doesn’t want to meet Anirudh. Sampurna must leave or she will be killed by Krishna Nagar People. Sampurna says she doesn’t fear death. She makes Sumati stab herself. Sumati screams at her and frees her hand. Bondita tells Sampurna that she will not force her to love Anirudh again. Sampurna claims that love does not understand obstacles and will continue to grow. This will be clear tomorrow, on the occasion Janmashtami bondita. She must make a wise choice.

Bondita loses herself in thoughts, and Anirudh calls. He asks her if she is crying because of him. Bondita claims she has nothing left. Anirudh believes she is crying because she is moving far away from him. Bondita claims she can live without him. She will not die. Anirudh claims that he will not die without her. Bondita claims that you still want to cause my pain. Anirudh responds that he wants to make Bondita smile. Bondita is informed by Anirudh that he will be meeting Bondita tomorrow on Janmashtami. He will tell her his love and no one can stop him. Bondita warns him to not come, as Thakuma is likely to create a scene. Anirudh however disconnects the call.

Bondita and other people pray to Krishna Ji. Tapur compliments Bondita. Bondita said that Jhanki needs Krishna. Tapur is told by Bondita to call him, but they discover that Krishna will not come if the person is ill. Chandrachur claims he has waited all these years for Bondita and will now win her back.

Anirudh promises that he will not fail this time. Bondita will be convinced and he will admit his love for her. He is about to go, but he discovers that the door is locked. He asks someone to unlock the door. Bihari arrives and Trilochan tells him that he locked the doors because Bondita had told him about Anirudh’s trip to Krishna Nagar. He stopped Trilochan. Trilochan claims it is their responsibility to assist Bondita. They made the offer that she would not face any problems while traveling to London. Anirudh will stay inside for 24 hours, and there will be guards to keep an eye on him. Trilochan promises that he will perform the last ritual of Bondita. He will say goodbye to all ties and relationships with her today. Anirudh is shocked.

Thakuma questions Bondita if she has made preparations to go to London. She confirms that it is done. Chandrachur devises a wicked plan. He plans to spike Bondita’s juice, which will cause Bondita to lose her mind. She will then seek love. He will then take Bondita to his room and they will be united.


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Trilochan’s proposal is rejected by Sampurna, while Anirudh claims that his love for Bondita transcends all. These obstacles, chains and other silly things will not make it any less. Anirudh discovers a way out of the room. Bondita is busy with Janmashtami work, and Chandrachur gives her the juice. Anirudh makes a short-circuit, and everyone assumes that there is fire. That trick allows Anirudh to free himself.

Bondita is about for the spiked juice, but Anirudh comes in Krishna’s place. Thakuma is captivated by him. Anirudh is told by her that Bondita will help him understand all things related to the Jhanki. Tapur claims that Krishnaji and Bondita look like Radha and Krishna. Bondita hands Anirudh the flute and feels Anirudh in her presence after touching him. Anirudh holds the flute, and says that he promised to come today so she could make the love confession. He promises to do it in front of everyone. Bondita gets shocked after recognising him. Anirudh is told by Thakuma to play Ras Leela.


Chandrachur gives Bondita the juice again and says to her that she will feel weak if she drinks it. Chandrachur smiles and says Bondita will drink it. Bondita believes Anirudh should go. Anirudh claims he would like to first confess to Bondita. She can refuse to accept it if she doesn’t wish. He wants her to love him, but he won’t force her.

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