Barrister Babu 27th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Barrister Babu 27th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Anirudh tries to climb down with rope, but Chandrachur intervenes and holds onto the rope. He said that he wouldn’t allow them to elope as this. He will be shooting Anirudh today. Anirudh embraces Bondita on the balcony. Chandrachur is just about to push the trigger, but Tapur hits him, and he becomes unconscious. She assists Bondita, Anirudh. She advises them to not waste their time and leave the area together. Tapur urges them both to care for each other all the time. Bondita promises Bondita that she will sacrifice her life to save Anirudh. Tapur is also assured by Anirudh that he will make Bondita smile.

Thakuma goes with her aides in a jeep. They search for Anirudh and attempt to kill him. Bondita and Anirudh run, holding hands. They hide in a cart that has rice straws. Trilochan and Thakuma reach it. Thakuma is suspicious of the moving straws so she checks with a sharp knife if anyone is in there. Anirudh, Bondita and Bondita are shocked to see the arrow. Bondita is saved by Anirudh, who gets stabbed by the arrow. His palm bleeds. He endures the pain. Bondita becomes demoralized and wipes out the blood from his arrow. She then stitches him with her saree. She becomes emotional.

Trilochan tells Somnath that he will search for Bondita, and then shoot her if he finds her. Chandrachur hits Tupur and asks her where Bondita went. Sumati questions her about the promise Bondita made to her. Sumati claims she signaled her. Tupur shows Bondita as a traitor who, once again, didn’t care for her family respect and fled with her love. She was not interested in Sumati’s promise.

Anirudh claims they cannot go to Police station because Trilochan, Thakuma and Thakuma are familiar with the officers. Bondita claims she didn’t think her loved ones would be so blinded by hatred that they wouldn’t hesitate to kill one another. Anirudh claims that Bondita doesn’t feel any pain. Bondita makes fun of him by pinching his face. Anirudh is happy when she comforts him later. Anirudh says now they must get married in a temple. They don’t have any other options. Trilochan claims he is familiar with Anirudh’s thought processes and that he knows Trilochan. He is going to marry Bondita, but they will first shoot Bondita.

Anirudh and Bondita reach temple together. They say that no one will listen to them. After their marriage, everyone will accept them. They will all go home together. Bondita is covered with Saree, and he says that she looks the prettiest. Bondita smilingly teasingly cleans his face, saying that he is looking great. Trilochan tells his men to shoot Bondita if Anirudh talks to the priest.


Bondita realizes that Trilochan is in the temple. They cannot run away like that. Anirudh tells them they must travel far from Dinpur. They decide to visit Chandan Nagar. Chandrachur claims Bondita cannot make such a terrible mistake. He promises to kill Anirudh, and he will bring Bondita back.

Bondita asks Anirudh if she feels hungry. Bondita mentions Puris, and he says she feels more hungry now. Anirudh claims he will steal food. Bondita promises they will be caught. Anirudh claims he stole Bondita’s heart and will repeat the act now. Bondita claims that she stole rasgullas and raw mangoes from her childhood. Anirudh steals food because he lacks money. In return, he gives his ring back to the seller. Bondita claims that Anirudh was a thief for Bondita today. She is tearful. Anirudh feeds her rasgulla. Bondita also gives him food. Anirudh claims he can do whatever it takes to make her smile.

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