Barrister Babu 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Chandrachur finds the ring in the shop and begins the episode. He then asks Anirudh how the ring got here. He replies that Anirudh is only here. He tells his men that he is here only and urges them to find him. Anirudh hears this and runs with Bondita. They eventually reach a small shelter. Anirudh informs Bondita that they must stay here tonight. Bondita shares what she learned in London about coffee houses. She wants to relive her childhood memories. She would like to share coffee with Anirudh. They enjoy coffee together and are happy to share the moment.

Anirudh gets delighted. Bondita claims that she used to drink coffee in London because it reminded her of Anirudh. Anirudh claims he never asked Bondita about London. Bondita said that she misses him there a lot. Later, she said that she made many new friends at the club, including boys. Anirudh is jealous and gets up. He said he didn’t have any problem with it. Bondita questions him if he feels jealous. Anirudh jokes with her, saying that he has many girlfriends. Bondita is furious and sits down. They both admit that they are jealous. Bondita claims she has never seen this side of Anirudh. It makes her happy. Anirudh said that technically, one should make friends according their wishes. They shouldn’t think about whether it is a boy or a girl. Anirudh claims that he thought Bondita had only one best friend, so he was a bit jealous.

Bondita assures Anirudh that he is her only friend and that he is her best friend. Bondita feels pain in her feet and Anirudh takes responsibility for Bondita’s suffering. He claims she is far from her family due to him. Bondita takes his hand and tells him to stop saying such things. You are my pain bearer and I am your reason for existence. Anirudh interrupts her and tells her that she is the reason for his existence. He started laughing again eight years later because of her. He is now listening to his heart and happy because he found her. He found his true self. Bondita is the one he thanks.

Bondita is asleep when Anirudh discovers an insect on Bondita. He takes it out. Bondita claims she isn’t afraid of insects. After seeing an insect, she hugged him later in fear. Anirudh said they couldn’t risk. Bondita will not sleep on the floor. Bondita makes a hanging bed from clothes. Bondita makes Anirudh a bed on the floor. They lie together on the floor, holding hands.

Trilochan is furious at children who celebrate and play dhol. He orders them to leave and shouts at Sampurna. Sampurna is told by him to keep on going, as his men are searching for Bondita or Anirudh. They will not be together. He won’t let them be together, it is his challenge. Anirudh hears the door knock sound and wakes Bondita. Two men appear at the door, and they are shocked to see them. Anirudh and Bondita are told by those men to go to Chandan Nagar. They tell Bondita that Anirudh and Bondita will prepare for the wedding function. Bondita describes herself and Anirudh, who are experts at household chores, as Raja and Rani. Bondita promises that they will take care of all the work.


They get into the car and Chandrachur stops them. Chandrachur promises to check everything before they leave. Anirudh and Bondita become nervous when he goes to check. They cover themselves, Anirudh is about sneezing and Bondita stops him. Chandrachur discovers that Trilochan, along with his aides, has gone east to search for Anirudh or Bondita. Chandrachur believes that Anirudh is with Bondita. He will reach there as soon possible to save Bondita. He flees. Bondita informs Anirudh about how they were saved. Anirudh believes that Dugga Ma’s and Sumati’s blessings are with them. Anirudh laughs with them and sneezes.

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