Barrister Babu 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Anirudh (and Bondita) are hard at work in the wedding function. Anirudh is carrying heavy bags and is almost about to fall, but Bondita offers support. Anirudh is happy, but he doesn’t stop. Bondita assists him. Bondita is held by one girl who tells Bondita to go inside, Thakuma calling her. Anirudh and Bondita are shocked to learn that. The girl takes Bondita into a room. Anirudh observes them from a window and follows them.

Bondita calls Bondita Thakuma, without even looking at her face. The old lady is furious and claims she is Kali, not old Thakuma. She is Laboni’s Thakuma. Kali apologises for calling Bondita Thakuma. Kali claims she is beautiful and that she is alwaysgreen. Laboni praises her Thakuma Kali. Bondita claims that she had a heart attack when she first heard the name Thakuma. Later, she covered it up and said she had a heart attack after seeing Kali’s beautiful beauty. Kali asks Bondita for her name.

Bondita claims Rani. Kali claims Bondita’s face features and palm lines all indicate she is a real queen. That is why she became a maid. Laboni claims that Thakuma Kali, her Thakuma, is a horoscope reader. Sometimes, however, the predictions don’t always work out. Kali claims that Bondita may be a maid, but she is queen to her lover. Bondita feels shy. Anirudh is happy to hear all this. Kali tells Bondita that she will do all the cleaning. Bondita then leaves.

Sumati questions Chandrachur, Thakuma and why Bondita wasn’t found yet. Thakuma claims Bondita broke their trust and left them. She will be punished. Sumati is furious and declares that Bondita will not be considered her daughter. Sumati is now dead. Sumati breaks the water pot out of anger, and Bondita has disrespected her mother and all boundaries. So she ends all ties with Bondita. Tapur advises Sumati to not make a decision out of anger. Bondita must have had a valid reason for doing all of this. Tapur’s words are ignored by Sumati as she leaves there.

Kali speaks to priest about Laboni and asks him about the holy muhurat. Priest tells couples that tomorrow is the best day to get married. All Gods and Goddesses will bless couples who exchange garlands. Anirudh and Bondita hear it and share it with one another. They are delighted and plan to marry tomorrow.


Anirudh tells Bondita that she wants to have her family’s blessings, but it won’t happen. Anirudh promises to convince them as soon as they get married. Anirudh states that he has one idea. He believes Bondita will be blessed by Sumati. Anirudh suggests Bondita sit down under a table and use the telephone. Anirudh suggests that she call Sumati. Bondita dials the haweli, and Tupur takes the call.

Bondita claims she wants to speak to Sumati. Tupur doesn’t respond as Sumati is there. She excuses that her in-laws called her. Bondita thinks Chandrachur or Thakuma might be there. Tupur is informed by Bondita that she will marry Anirudh tomorrow. She calls Sumati and asks her for her blessings. Binoy also receives Anirudh’s haweli. Binoy said that he misses Anirudh very much. Anirudh promises he will be back soon.


Sampurna speaks to Anirudh, and the latter informs Sampurna that he will marry Bondita. He also wants their blessings. They are now in Chandan Nagar. Sampurna is overjoyed when Anirudh says that he must perform all rituals necessary for their marriage. Anirudh promises her that he will. Bondita is told by Anirudh that she will be the most beautiful bride. Their Baraati and Moon will be the stars, while Moon will be their special guest. Bondita smiles.

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