Barrister Babu 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Anirudh asks for special vermilion at the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper gave him Dugga Ma’s sindoor and said that Anirudh would fill Bondita’s hairline with the holy sindoor if he did so. Anirudh imagines he is filling Bondita’s hairline. Bondita replies that Anirudh is her only. She applies some sindoor to Anirudh’s nose by touching his head.

Anirudh asks what kind of ritual this is. Bondita claims that this is a sign you are my husband, and you are now only mine. Bihari calls Anirudh, and the latter is shocked to see him. Bihari stops Anirudh from running away, saying that he arrived alone. Anirudh is told by Bihari to immediately go to Haweli as Sampurna’s crying makes him feel weak. Trilochan forcibly gets Saswati wed. Anirudh is shocked to learn that the sindoor was dropped by him.

Sampurna apologizes to God, saying that she had to tell Anirudh about her whereabouts in order to save her daughter. Trilochan instructs Somnath that Sampurna should be locked in a room. Somnath is skeptical that Anirudh will not come to save Saswati because he loves Bondita so much. Trilochan claims that Anirudh is more passionate about his principles than Bondita. He married Bondita years ago to save her child marriage. Now he wants to leave her to save Saswati. Anirudh claims he cannot allow that to happen. Saswati can’t get married. He goes with Bihari.

Bondita visits Mandap, and Kali questions about Anirudh. However, one person claims that Anirudh ran away from Mandap in the market. He got into a car and fled. He will not marry anyone. Bondita is shocked to hear this and recalls Anirudh’s promises. Everyone now wants to know who will marry Bondita. Bondita tries to stop Anirudh leaving, but she fails. She yells Sakha Babu. Chandrachur holds her and she then falls unconscious. Chandrachur reminisces about how he heard Anirudh and Bihari’s conversation.

Trilochan claims today that he doesn’t care about anyone. He is more stubborn than Anirudh. He orders the priest to perform the marriage ceremonies. Saswati begins to cry and states that she doesn’t want a marriage. Sampurna shouts and asks for everyone to open their doors. Anirudh breaks in and destroys all the mandap decorations. He rescues Saswati and stops the evil practice. Sampurna is relieved to hear Anirudh’s voice.


Bondits is seen resting her head on Kali’s lap, and Kali consoles her. She is shocked when she sees Chandrachur. Chandrachur interrupts her as she is about to run away, telling her why when you know the horrors of Anirudh. He betrayed you and your family because you left your family for him. He eloped. Bondita claims she knows Anirudh is in love with her. Chandrachur claims that this is Roychowdhurys plan. Anirudh was determined to revenge her. Bondita cannot believe it.

Anirudh makes a mockery of the groom’s family, and they move on. Bondita is heartbroken, and Kali helps her to understand that true love can be hard to find. Chandrachur incites Bondita to attack Anirudh, and tells her that she should go back to Krishna Nagar. Trilochan is asked by Anirudh how could he think of Saswati and his marriage. For his crime, he can also be arrested. Trilochan claims he is the one who makes rules here. Anirudh believes Trilochan should be ashamed of the things he did. He couldn’t see Sampurna’s pain.


Trilochan says Anirudh didn’t think about it before he disappeared with Bondita. Tulsipur women were left widowed and men suffered from injuries while he was absent. Trilochan states that Anirudh made the decision to be the saviour for Tulsipur. He was not forced, but he is now running away from his responsibilities as a selfish person. Trilochan says he did these things to save Saswati’s lives because the situation isn’t in their favor. Anyone can hurt her to exact revenge. Anirudh claims he isn’t selfish, but he had thoughts of returning home after Bondita married. He was determined to fulfill his duties. He wanted to make hatred love.

Sampurna informs Anirudh about the trap she used to lure Anirudh into the haweli. Anirudh is shocked to hear that. He claims he left Bondita to Trilochan. It is not possible for her to bear so much pain and accept criticism. Anirudh says he will marry Bondita right away, and no one can stop him.


Trilochan tells Anirudh that if he doesn’t leave, then child marriages will occur again in Tulsipur. Many children will be married. Anirudh will lose all rights to make decisions for Tulsipur citizens if he chooses Bondita. Anirudh starts to think. He claims he left Bondita and he must explain everything to her. He will not leave her side.

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