Barrister Babu 9th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The Episode starts with Bondita saying the guards have fallen unconscious. Chandrachur says Anirudh is a cheat, he did this. He faints. Anirudh comes there. He enters the haveli. Bondita asks why did you come here. He says don’t worry, we have to take everyone out, I will get Sumati. He gets Sumati with him. Bondita gets Tapur and Tupur. Anirudh gets Chandrachur outside. Bondita says Thakumaa… She runs back. Thakumaa asks her to go, anything can happen to her. Anirudh comes there and takes a shawl for her. She moves him and asks are you fine. She saves him from a falling structure. He covers her and asks her to come. Chandrachur gets up and says Tulsipur did this, we will not leave them. Trilochan and Somnath come. Trilochan says we won’t leave you. Anirudh gets Thakumaa out. Bondita asks are you fine. Bondita says they didn’t die, but don’t know for how long, you can save them, you can end this enmity. Anirudh says Kaka, we all could have been here instead them, we won’t get anything by enmity, just sorrow to lose loved ones, we are seeing Binoy everyday. Bondita says friendship gives peace and happiness, what do you want, death or live, tell us, you want to lose loved ones or live with them. Chandrachur says enough, Thakumaa they burnt our entire house, don’t come in their words, they are mad lovers.

Anirudh and Bondita hold hands. Bondita says yes, we are mad in love, we declare that we will stand against the enmity, either enmity will end or we will end. Anirudh says you all are calling us mad, you know the truth, who is mad, are we mad to spread peace, are you all mad to spread poison, we have burnt our own houses in enmity, we should end this enmity, we will decide today, if we want to keep enmity or not, if we want to live with love. Bondita says we will never get away now. Chandrachur says its their drama, we will know that this enmity can never end. He points the gun at Anirudh and says leave her hand. Somnath also points a gun at Bondita and says leave Anirudh’s hand. Anirudh and Bondita say we will live and die together. Somnath says fine, you will die Bondita. Chandrachur says get ready to die. Anirudh says shoot. Thakumaa and Trilochan worry. They stop Chandrachur and Somnath. Trilochan slaps Somnath. Thakumaa says I should have done this before, we won’t shed the blood of dear ones. Trilochan says we will end this enmity. The people also agree. Thakumaa says we will meet tomorrow with a peace proposal. Trilochan says fine. Anirudh and Bondita smile.

Its morning, Thakumaa and family meet Trilochan’s family at his haveli. Mukhiya asks them to sign on the peace proposal. Trilochan refuses and says I don’t want to end the enmity, but have a relation, I m asking Bondita’s hand for Anirudh. Thakumaa says I will keep the relation. She unites Bondita and Anirudh’s hands. Everyone says congrats. Bondita says I had broken the promise by a misunderstanding, I want my mum’s blessings. Sumati says I wanted to save you from a heartbreak, I bless you both, I m very happy that your love ended this enmity. The men say we also want to fix the alliance of our children in these villages. Anirudh says there is no enmity now. Bondita says it will be the best, enmity can never get back.

Anirudh says this decided, we will keep a mass marriage, Bondita and I will also get married, any other couple can also marry. Bondita asks can I call you Pati Babu. Anirudh says I think my ears will be pleased to hear this. She asks shall I call you. He says we didn’t get married yet, you can tell that after marriage, you can call me darling babu. She gets shy. Chandrachur looks on. Trilochan says I will get all the arrangements for the mass marriage. Anirudh says Thakumaa’s house had burnt, why don’t they stay here in our haveli. Trilochan says I have no problem. Thakumaa says but I have a condition, when we stay here, Anirudh and Bondita will keep distance and not meet, this marriage will happen with all the rituals. Trilochan says you said right Thakumaa. She says we agreed on same thing Kaka. He says I m not your Kaka. She says then am I your Thakumaa. They call each other Samdhi. She asks Chandrachur to get ready to take Bondita’s marriage responsibility. Bihari says happiness came in our house after a long time. Trilochan says yes. Somnath says this can bring new problems. Trilochan asks are you not happy. Somnath asks are you happy with this.

Anirudh hears them. Trilochan says we can’t forget enmity in one moment, I didn’t agree by Anirudh’s pressure, I chose peace myself, Anirudh and Bondita made me think, the sword of enmity is blind, it can’t see the relations getting hurt, we can give a chance to friendship. Anirudh smiles. Trilochan says seven couples came forward to marry just in one day, everyone is excited, we should think of their happiness. Sampoorna says the couples have come. They welcome Thakumaa and others. Trilochan stops Bihari and says perfume doesn’t suit Thakumaa, she gets sneezes. Thakumaa says you remember. He says you didn’t let me forget. She asks Sampoorna to be careful, Anirudh and Bondita are naughty. She says we will also prepare for a rasam, Anirudh is our Jamai babu, Anirudh and Bondita shouldn’t meet before marriage. Trilochan says don’t worry, their rooms are away. Sampoorna says don’t worry, they will not meet alone before marriage, but they can just see each other through the windows. Anirudh thinks I stayed away from my love for eight years, now I can’t be away for one second. Bondita smiles. Rishta tera mera….plays…

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