Choti Sardarni 13th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode begins with Rajveer tells Maasiji that he can understand her but she should not have said all that about Seher to Param and Karan. He tells her that it’s not a big deal that Seher is not smiling and maybe Seher is tensed about something. She tells him that she has an experience and it’s not about tension for sure. She asks him to not come again to defend Seher. She tells him that they have an image in front of society so it’s matters for them that what others talks about them.

On the other hand, Param asks Seher that is anything else bothering her. He asks her to share the problem with him. She tells him that everything is her mistake because she is not able to forget Kunal and his betrayal. Karan tells her that she should be angry with Kunal instead of crying by thinking about his talks. Param tells her that she should be glad that she saw Kunal’s real face before marriage. Kunal tells her that she is lucky to get this supportive in laws. She recalls that how Didiji refused to handle her brothers case when she called off the marriage. She apologizes to them for troubling them.

Rajveer apologizes to them on behalf of Maasiji. Karan tells him that they will meet him tomorrow. Karan and Param meets Maasiji and apologizes to her on behalf of Seher and they leaves from there. Seher enters the washroom and cries. She apologizes to her parents and comes out of the washroom. Rajveer sees her and thinks that he can witness her efforts.

Meanwhile Dimpy and Anu decorates the room for Rajveer and Seher’s first night. Didiji thinks that Rajveer and Seher should become one tonight no matter what. After some time, Anu brings Seher to Rajveer’s room. Anu informs Rajveer about his first night and teases him. Didiji blesses the couple and leaves from there.

Rajveer asks Seher to not worry saying that he will remove the flowers. He drinks milk and asks her to not get stress and feel like they are in a party. She tells him that they can drink tea and talk whole night. He goes to sleep on the sofa. But she stops him saying that it’s his house so he should sleep on the bed and she can sleep on the sofa. He asks her to not say like that again.

Next day, Seher wakes up and finds Rajveer sleeping in the bathtub. She asks him that why the latter slept there. He tells her that she snores while sleeping. She refuses to believe him. He plays the recording. She scolds him for recording it and asks him to delete it. But he refuses to delete so she snatches the mobile from him. She asks him about mobile password. He tells her that it’s ‘Jansi ki rani’ and she deletes it. She asks him to remove his shirt. He teasingly tells her that how can she try to take advantage of him. She tells him to change the dress if he don’t want to get sick then. She turns around and he changes the shirt. He slips and collides with her. They falls on the bed and shares an eye lock.

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