Choti Sardarni 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Choti Sardarni 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist on

Episode 1: Didiji places the rings in the chain, and Rajveer asks Seher and Seher to swap the chains. Kunal, however, enters Gill mansion and becomes confused when he sees the decorations. Seher hesitates, and Rajveer then puts the chain on. Rajveer makes Seher also wear the chain. Everyone cheers for the couple. Anu notices Kunal and wonders how he got to Gill mansion. Nikhil also sees Kunal, and he closes his mouth to drag him from there. Anu is drawn to Karan’s side and goes to meet them. Karan is confused and follows Karan. Kunal is taken from there by Nikhil Goons and Goons. Karan notices her and she falls to distract him. He holds her and asks if she is okay. She informs him she is fine, and he goes in.

Photographer questions Rajveer, Seher about their relationship. Maasiji informs her husband that Rajveer, Seher and Seher don’t smile for photos. Didiji asks Rajveer if he can hold Seher, as Seher officially belongs to him. Rajveer hesitates, but he poses for her without touching her. The photographer asks the couple smile. Rajveer asks Seher if he thinks it is a game. He tells her that it is a game, but she asks Seher about the auction’s results. He pulls out his phone and informs her that it could come at any time. Seher is made to smile by him telling jokes.

Karan is told by Param that their parents must have been there to dance now to celebrate Seher’s engagement. Anu joins them as they start dancing. Didiji asks Rajveer, Seher and Seher to join her on the dance floor. Seher recalls the times she shared with Kunal. Rajveer looks at his mobile and begins dancing joyfully. However, Param and Karan intervene and join him in the dance.

Nikhil wishes Didiji well and informs Didiji that Kunal is now in their custody. Didiji smiles and begins dancing with others. Rajveer takes Seher outside and informs her that he now owns the hotel. They can see the CCTV footage without any restrictions. He has spent more than 50 million on CCTV footage, she tells him. He says he spent the money to make her happy and is tired of seeing her sad face. He gets emotional, and she hugs him.

He tells her that he cannot be human and she helped him like an angel. He says he loves her. He tells her that he keeps telling the joke. He teases her and wipes away her tears. He asks her when they will be arriving at the hotel. He assures her that he will be there in 2 hours to get the hotel key. After that, he will notify her. He thanked her. Nikhil and Didiji overhear their conversation.


Later, Seher waits to hear from Rajveer. Badi B informs Seher that she will take care of Param and Karan. They go to bed with Seher and she promises that they will be leaving the house once their marriage is over. Didiji hands Nikhil the hotel key and asks him for permission to delete the CCTV footage.

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