Choti Sardarni 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Episode 1: Maasiji questions Seher about putting her hand on the shagun plates. She informs her that Rajveer and 10 crore cash are her’shaguns’. Didiji is congratulated by Param and Karan. Didiji requests to play the ‘dhol. Rajveer is told by Seher that she cannot act anymore. Rajveer informs Seher that they are at the end of their journey. Kidnapper is informed by Rajveer that he organized the money. Didiji then tells Nikhil that Kunal should meet Seher. Rajveer and Seher go to the place Kidnapper requested. Seher is asked to eat well, and take some rest because she isn’t taking care of her body these days.

She questions him about why he seems to think she is abandoning him forever. He tells her that she will keep in touch with her and that he should make all arrangements for Kunal’s wedding. She tells her to hurry and that they must reach the destination by 5 pm. She thanks God for her understanding and then apologizes to him. Rajveer tells her that she is excited to meet Kunal. She tells Rajveer that Kunal and her won’t be talking to each other, and she will not let Kunal leave her.

He informs her that they have reached the destination. She prays for Kunal’s safety. Kidnapper appears and demands money. Rajveer grabs the money bag and asks him to bring Kunal. Kidnapper informs Rajveer that he needs money first. Seher asks Rajveer follow the introductions, as she doesn’t want Kunal’s life to be in danger. Kidnapper calls the Boss, and Kunal arrives there. Rajveer is confused to see Kunal, and wonders why Kidnapper calls Kunal the Boss.

Seher smiles at Kunal and runs towards Kunal. She tries to hug him, but he stops her. He tells her that he proved she was mad at his love. He asks her what he is saying, and she tells him that it hurt so much. Rajveer questions Kunal about Kidnapper’s calling of the latter Boss, and why he is talking to Seher so harshly when he loves her. He tells him that Seher is not his wife and that it was an act of his own and that he had planned this to make money. Seher looks at him as he points the gun at him.

Seher informs him that she is aware that he is making fun of her and asks him for his forgiveness. He hugs her from behind, and she tells him it was hard for her to be without him. But she believes that she will find him. He tells her she is a fool, and that everything between them is over and he asks her to go. He tells her that she cannot live without him. He begs her to end her life. Rajveer is furious and pulls Kunal’s collar. Kunal warns Rajveer not to make the same mistake again and leaves with Kidnapper.


Rajveer comforts the weeping Seher. He assures her that he is glad she will learn about Kunal’s real face before they marry. He promises her that he will always be there for her as a friend.

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