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CJI Thakur: Can’t bring Ram Rajya, I am also shedding tears of Blood on plight of the Nation


Do not expect Supreme Court to pass orders on every issue bothering theNation and create a “Ram Rajya”

CJI Thakur’s outburst on stalemate

Supreme Court was hearing a PIL by NGO, Voice of India, seeking a blanket order from the Court directing the Authorities all over the country to remove encroachments from footpaths.

Justice Thakur, who had said he is of an “emotional” temperament.

He noted that “main bhi aansoo ro rahan hoon” (I am also shedding Tears).

“I rather shed tears of blood seeing plight of this country… all over the country footpaths are taken over… even though billions of rupees are spent on the salaries of the police and other officials but they do nothing.

Justices A.M. Khanwilkar and D.Y. Chandrachud were sitting with CJI.

Bench found the relief sought in the petition too improbable.

Justice Thakur, at onestage of hearing, had to call the Supreme Court security to take the petitioner out the courtroom as the petitioner continued to argue, raising his voice before the Bench.

Visibly unhappy the PIL petitioner stated before the Bench that Fundamental Rights Citizens’ are at stake. Court is here only to protect our fundamental rights… if even this cannot done by you than what is the point of having Fundamental Rights at all in the Constitution… better go ahead and strike them off.

Justice Thakur reasoned that everything in the Country cannot be done by the Judiciary alone.

Courts can only pass orders which can be legally and practically implemented.

He said in a sarcastic manner  that We cannot order that all the footpaths in India should be cleared… We cannot order that corruption in all forms in India should be stopped… We cannot order that murder should come to an end… We cannot order that Ram Rajya should be satablished all over India… Is it possible?”.

Petitioner countered that what is the utility of having fundamental rights in this country if it is seen that every public space is encroached.

The Bench ultimately adjourned the case to February 2017.

CJI  Thakur is slated to retire in January 2017.

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CJI T S Thakur Ram Rajya

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  1. we the victims of gender biased laws are shedding tears of blood on plight of judiciary. Thakur, first look into your own judciary, janta has elected leaders to look into the nation. Mind your own business first!

  2. There are instances when this CJ T.S.Thakur has mis carried the justice due to a Petitioner in a simplest case in utter insult to the rule of law out of his impatience to hear the cause properly. He is an emotional man.

  3. Adv Dinesh Vaidya

    Sir Judiciary Authorities has limit, I agree as a senior Advocate.At least judges to be directed,within 6 hearing,submission of papers completed & judgment must be given. The decision must get within 6 months.People will get faith with judiciary authorities.The Penalty must be heavy.people thing twice before doing crimes.The cases are automatically reduced due to heavy penalty & judgment Within 6 months.

  4. The Parliament must amend the CRPC and CPC Act in order of speedy disposal of the pending cases, not resolved
    within five years.

  5. The courts are the worst. Not only an absolute failure by themselves they are also the ones responsible for the rising crime graph in the country.


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