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This CM says his Minister would not resign even though FIR is lodged against him

November 14, 2017:

CM points out that there are 24 Central Government Ministers against whom an FIR is filed.

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In an, as promised and delivered, fiery opening day of winter session in Belagavi, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah faced BJP, head on, and stated that Bengaluru Development Minister K J George resignation is unnecessary and that he was ready to fight the political battle to the end.

The Chief Minister further added that,”George resignation is not required and will not be sought. BJP is raking up this issue to gain political mileage out of this issue, based on just an FIR filed against Minister. We are ready to face political battle. Come to the field, we are ready”.

The Karnataka CM even stated that George was never required to resign even first time and that he had advised him to not even give his resignation.

CM Siddaramaiah added that,”When he had resigned the first time, I advised him to not do so. No one resigns just because there is a FIR. If that was the case, then scores of the ministers and leaders across country should hand-in their resignations. There are 24 central government ministers against whom an FIR is filed. Let them also resign”.

Earlier, BJP at Legislative Council had sought a debate on the adjournment motion seeking George’s resignation from the Siddaramaiah cabinet.

The Opposition leader K S Eshwarappa had stated that if Ganapthi continues to remain in cabinet then there is every chance of him exerting his influence and tampering with the evidence. There are already reports that the existing evidence has been destroyed and tampered with. Now, if George continues then further evidence will be destroyed”.

CM Siddaramaiah had laughed off the allegations and stated that there was no need for government or George to tamper with the evidence.

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