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Court fines Nestle for ₹62 Lakhs for Maggie containing ‘excessive ash’ content

November 29, 2017


“The ash content in Maggi exceeded the prescribed limit of 1%, playing with health of people by providing sub-standard products.”

The Court of Additional District Magistrate in Shahjahanpur has imposed a total fine of ₹62 lakhs on the consumer goods giant Nestle, its distributors & sellers.

Fine was imposed after a laboratory report confirmed presence of ash content much higher than the permissible limit in the samples of Maggi noodles.

7 samples were collected & sent to a laboratory in Lucknow for testing in 2015 & its report was received in the year 2016, following which 7 cases were lodged at ADM’s Court. Of the total amount of fine, the Court has levied ₹45 lakhs on Nestle India, ₹ 15 lakhs on distributors and ₹ 2 lakhs each on 2 sellers.

This Court order comes after alleged excessive lead content in Maggi created a huge controversy in the year 2015 & the  noodles brand was banned for 5 months in India.

However, a Nestle India spokesperson told media, “We strongly reiterate that Maggi noodles’re 100% safe for consumption. While we haven’t received the orders passed by the Court, we’ve been informed that the samples are of 2015 & the issue pertains to ‘ash content’ in Noodles.”

“This appears to be a case of application of ‘incorrect standards’ & we’ll file an appeal urgently once we receive the order. In 2015, Nestle India & other companies had represented to the relevant authorities, via industry associations, to set the standards specific to instant noodles to avoid any confusion amongst enforcement officers & consumers,” spokesperson said.

He added that, “The standards have since been introduced & the product complies with these standards, we regret the confusion it may cause to consumers.”

The food safety dept. had collected 7 samples of Maggi noodles & pasta in 2015 & the samples were sent to UP Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA), Lucknow, which got them tested at its food analysis lab. The lab test reports found that ash content in excess to what was printed on label of samples of Maggi Masala noodles, Maggi Nutrilicious Pazzta & Maggi Atta noodles.

This lab test report was submitted in the Court of ADM.

The sample of Maggi Masala noodles from the shop had 2.54% of ash content. In the tastemaker of Maggi Atta noodles Ash percentage found was 2.60% & Maggi Pazzta samples were found to have ash 1.2%. 4 samples of Maggi Masala, 2 samples of Maggi Pazzta & a sample of Maggi Atta noodles failed the lab test.

“The ash content in Maggi exceeded the prescribed limit of 1%. Maggi is consumed mostly by children & playing with health of people by providing sub-standard products is something that can’t be pardoned under any circumstances,” said ADM J.K. Sharma.

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