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Family of Judge who died while hearing the Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case has alleged foul play

November 25, 2017

Amit Shah, who was then Gujarat home minister, was an accused in the case.

Many rights activists have demanded a judicial probe into the 2014 death of a Judge hearing the Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case, in which the Judge’s family has alleged foul play.

BJP chief Amit Shah, who was then Gujarat Home Minister, was an accused in this case. Sohrabuddin, who was accused of extortion & smuggling, died in police custody in the year 2005.

The family of Justice B.H. Loya had alleged that the CBI Court Judge had been offered a bribe of ₹100 crore by a Judge for a “favorable judgment”.

On Wednesday, at a news conference of the NGO Act Now For Harmony and Democracy at the Indian Women’s Press Corps here Delhi University professor Apoorvanand said, “Majesty of the Courts is now suspect… The family (of Loya) is accusing a… Judge of trying to bribe a Judge. Can the SC ignore this allegation? The judge ignored a letter from Justice Loya’s son demanding a probe.”

Justice Loya, a Judge of the special CBI court in Mumbai & allegedly died after suffering cardiac arrest in Nagpur late on the night of 30th November 2014. He was in Nagpur for a wedding.

Amit Shah, who had briefly been in jail in the Sohrabuddin case, was acquitted a month after Justice Loya’s death.

Professor Apoorvanand said: “My rights are safe if our institutions work properly. This incident puts the working of the courts in doubt, the Judges who work independently are under threat. The family (of Justice Loya) is unsafe & must be given security.”

Both Amit Shah & the judge the family has named, who retired in 2015, haven’t yet to respond to the claims made in the report published in caravanmagazine.in.


A statement issued by The Caravan on Wednesday said that “According to the Judge’s sister, Anuradha Biyani, a medical doctor in govt. service in Maharashtra: ‘My brother was offered a bribe of ₹100 crore in return for a favorable judgment.”

The Caravan website had reported that the Judge had told Justice Loya that “if the Judgment is delivered before 30th December, it won’t be under focus at all as at the same time, there was going to be another explosive story which would ensure that people wouldn’t take notice of this.”

“On 30th December, around 1 month after Loya’s death, Amit Shah was discharged. The same day news of MS Dhoni’s retirement from Test cricket dominated television screens across the country. As A. Biyani recounted, ‘There was just a ticker at the bottom which said: Amit Shah not guilty. Amit Shah not guilty.'”

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