Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode starts with Samrat recalling what Sai was telling Pakhi. Pakhi comes and says she gave the gifts to Sai and Virat. Sai dislikes her so she may not wear the saree but Virat will. Samrat asks Pakhi she knows Virat quite well so she knows his choice. They are staying in same house. Pakhi feels weird. Virat comes in and says he liked the kurta a lot and he knows Samrat chose it for him but the latter reveals its chosen by Pakhi. Samrat says in terms of clothes Pakhi’s choice is good. Pakhi leaves and Virat again tells Samrat that he doesn’t have feelings for Pakhi. Samrat says he knows and Virat already made it clear. Samrat thinks but he is not sure about Pakhi’s feelings.

Virat comes to his room and he taunts Sai. Sai says she stopped the transfer then only Virat and Samrat got united but Virat doesn’t value it at all. Virat says means the bag was yours in head office? He says he doesn’t want to start argument. Sai taunts him using Pakhi and says she can see her duplicity very well but Virat is unable to see that. Sai scolds Virat for going to Samrat’s room at late night. She compares him with Pakhi who used to do the same before Samrat’s return. Sai says Virat is also acting like he wants Samrat and Pakhi’s togetherness. Virat gets angry and shuts her up. He says he doesn’t want to see her face. He leaves the room.

Sai sits on floor and studies. Shivani brings her saree and ornaments. She takes suggestions from Sai what to wear. Sai says she has test, she will go to college. Shivani says Sai only brought back Samrat so she should attend the puja. Sai says she doesn’t want to be a part of all these. Shivani insists Sai to get ready but Sai replies she is ready to go to college. Shivani tells her to not do like this. Sai says Chavans call her wild and mannerless. So they won’t need her. Virat enters his room and Shivani asks why he slept outside. Virat says this room has no peace. Sai and Virat talk to each other via Shivani. Virat tells Shivani to tell Sai that she can’t go to college, she has to attend the puja. Sai also tells Shivani she will go to college. Shivani gets annoyed and tells them to communicate. Virat says he never stopped her from going anywhere but today he will. He has rights on her as a husband. Shivani tells them to talk calmly. Sai says she won’t listen to him. She will leave the house right now. She starts packing her luggage and Virat stops her. He holds her hand tightly and Sai tells him to release her hand. Virat says he will not talk to her peacefully now. He will apply all his rights on her being her husband. Sai has to give value to his opinion. Sai says what is he doing. Shivani tells Sai to stay in the house. Virat says Pakhi gets praises as she takes care of everyone’s emotions in the family but Sai doesn’t do it. She is stubborn and she finds wrong meaning of everything. She has some responsibility towards her in laws too. Sai says she can’t participate in a puja where the intention is not genuine at all.

Samrat talks to orphanage kids over phone. Pakhi tells Samrat to select saree for her. She wants to look good for him. Samrat gets doubtful seeing her pretention. Sai says Pakhi’s intentions are not genuine at all. Shivani leaves thinking Virat and Sai will sort out their issue. Virat locks Sai in room and says he won’t let her go to college. Sai shouts at him and tells him to open the door. She gets shocked and Virat doesn’t pay heed.

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