Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Ashwini gives tea to Chavans at the beginning of the episode. Ashwini is waiting for Virat to arrive and explains that he was already sick. Sonali claims that Pakhi went out to do some work. Ashwini is worried about Virat, as he has not returned yet. Ashwini calls Sai back and asks if she spoke to Virat. Ashwini questions Sai about her health and she ignores. Did she hear anything? Bhavani taunts Sai because she is still silent. Pakhi also returns home, and Sai turns to look at her. Pakhi is scared that Sai might reveal that she was at Cafe with Virat. Sai assures Pakhi that she can handle her own problems and no one should be worried. Sai returns to her bedroom, and Shivani assures Ashiwni she will speak to Sai.

Sai is upset that Virat didn’t meet Pakhi at Cafe. I don’t know why he kept the matter secret from me. What does this mean? He doesn’t have anything with Pakhi, so why did he meet her? Shivani hears this and is shocked. Shivani is shocked when Shivani shares everything with Sai. She claims that she told Virat to rest, but he didn’t listen. Shivani says that they were unable to talk in the house. They had to go to a cafe. Sai claims she doesn’t know. Virat consoled Pakhi at the cafe. Shivani asks Sai why he cares if Virat marries any woman. You should not be concerned about your marriage. Shivani should ask Sai why Virat is acting in a bad way. Shivani asks Sai why he feels jealous. Sai believes Samrat wanted her start over with Virat, but then why Virat secretly met Pakhi. This means that he doesn’t love Sai. Sai has made it clear that she does not have feelings for Virat, and will distance herself from Virat. Shivani asks if Sai is planning to leave the home again. Sai claims she brought Samrat back so that she doesn’t have to leave. She claims Samrat will be very sad to hear that Virat is secretly meeting Virat. Virat hears everything.

Chavans ask Virat what he thinks. Virat tells them that he wants everyone in the group. He will share something important with them. Mohit calls Shivani, Sai. Sai believes Virat made his final decision. Samrat questions Virat about the matter. Pakhi is anxious to find out what the topic will be. Sai believes Virat won’t talk openly about Pakhi and him. Virat claims that everything changed after Samrat left his house in anger. Virat says he can sense Samrat’s pain, and it is killing him inside. Virat says Samrat once advised him to forget about his past. Samrat was always there to help him and he helped him move on from his past. He is determined to correct his mistakes. Virat said that he wants everyone to know what happened between Pakhi and him today. Pakhi stands shocked. Samrat is shocked when Virat tells Samrat that he met Pakhi in a cafe today.

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