Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 20th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode starts with priest telling Pakhi to place the offering in the fire. She is lost in thoughts. Samrat calls her. Priest says puja is finished and now Pakhi and Samrat will live happily ever after. Sai doest get ready to sit next to Virat but Devyani and Ashwini make her sit beside him. Sai and Virat place some offering in the fire Pakhi gets irked seeing them.

Virat and Samrat come face to face. Samrat says only he will talk to Sai and noone will scold her today. Virat says he is Sai’s husband and he has the right to question her. Ninad and Bhavani ask Sai how can she run away and climb down the pipe. What Neighbours are thinking after seeing her. Sai says they must have thinking why she ran away from house, there must be a reason.

Virat says only he will speak to Sai now. He asks her why she did that. Samrat says Virat mentally harassed Sai and legally its called domestic violence though its not physical violence but still if Sai took any drastic step in the closed room would Virat be able to take the responsibility. Pulkit says Virat should accept his fault.

Virat says Sai always threatens him to leave the house. She doesn’t know anything rather than that. She cany hurt him more than that. Devyani gets hyper and blames Virat. Virat says he is just asking a simple question to Sai why she didn’t think about her safety and ran away like this. Sai says she is born and brought up in a village and she knows how to climb up a tree. These are easy for her. Virat says Sai should have skipped college for one day to attend the puja. Why she is being so adamant.

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Pakhi says this day was special for her but Sai had to ruin her happiness. Why cant Sai let her stay happy. Samrat shouts at Pakhi and says Virat did wrong by locking Sai. This act can’t be justified. Bhavani tells Samrat not to support Sai as her actions are really bad. She could get hurt. Samrat says it’s good Sai is safe and he liked that Sai took stand against it.

Virat says he even requested Sai to stay home for the Puja but she didn’t listen to him. Sai says that was not a request but he forced her. Only once she disagreed with him but Virat couldn’t digest that. Pulkit tells Virat and Sai to sort out the issue by talking, they are mature. Virat says there’s no point of doing that. Talking will not solve anything. Devyani tells Sai not to get upset.

Pakhi instigates Virat against Sai that he couldn’t teach her discipline. Family is also supporting her cheap act. Samrat fumes and questions Pakhi why she has problems with Sai always. Sai is also member of the house. He demands answer from Pakhi what she is thinking. Whom she can’t stand she has to reply. Pakhi goes to her room with Vaishali.

Vaishali asks Pakhi why Samrat behaves with her in this way. Pakhi says she is used to it. She doesn’t feel anything anymore. She asks Vaishali how she felt seeing her and Samrat sitting in Puja. Vaishali says she felt good but Samrat’s behaviour is weird. He should not have talked this way. Samrat comes and Vaishali diverts the topic saying Pakhi waited for him and tolerated many things alone. Samrat says he came back to do some unfinished work. Samrat says Pakhi had scope to take divorce but she didn’t.

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Vaishali says why Samrat wants to divorce her. Mansi comes and says Samrat and pakhi should not talk about separation but they should focus on their new start. Samrat says but Mansi told him to leave whenever he wants. Mansi says that will be Pakhi’s decision too. Pakhi says she will leave with Samrat to stay in orphanage.

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