Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode starts with Sai saying Virat is leaving just because of Pakhi. Virat says Pakhi is his past why Sai brings her topic all the time. He moved on long time ago. What’s the real reason of her frustration. Sai says she is not frustrated but she shouldn’t have stopped the transfer. She will again request Senior officer for allowing his transfer.

Virat asks her who the hell is she. She is not a PM or superwoman who can do whatever she wants. She is really manipulative. Sai says she is not manipulative but Pakhi is. Pakhi cried knowingly so that Virat consoles her. Virat pushes Sai towards closet and says why Pakhi name is coming between them. Sai says Pakhi is between them from the day of their marriage. Virat leaves and Sai thinks Virat’s anger is increasing day by day that its affecting his mental health.

Pakhi comes to give tea to Sai and Virat. Pakhi assumes why Virat and Sai don’t keep pillows in between the bed, that means their misunderstandings cleared. Pakhi interferes in their matter and Sai says this is Pakhi’s old habit to poke nose in their personal issue. Pakhi says she came here to call them for breakfast. She is feeling happy nowadays so she wanted to make breakfast for everyone. Virat says he will come after some time. Sai says she won’t join them as she will go to college.

Pakhi insists her but Sai says she is not part of the family. Pakhi says yesterday also Sai created a scene in front of Vaishali. Sai says when you know I am mannerless why you expect something good from me.

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Pakhi taunts Sai saying she is always having problem with Virat that’s why they are sleeping separately. Sai taunts her back saying she can’t show off like her. Pakhi asks her what do you mean. Sai thinks she understands all her tricks, she is just acting to be happy. Pakhi thinks Sai is the reason why she and Virat got separated.

Pakhi asks Sai why she and Virat are sleeping like this and she hopes she is not the reason behind it. Virat hears that and tells Pakhi to not make it a big deal. Sai says thats her room, she can whenever she wants. Pakhi says whatever is happening between Sai and Virat is not normal.

Sai asks Pakhi why she cares so much about them. Pakhi says from now on she won’t interfere in Sai and Virat’s matter. She just cares about her marriage with Samrat. Sai taunts Pakhi saying you should hang a placard on your room door stating how happy your married life is. Pakhi asks Virat why Sai is rude to her always.

Virat says it’s Pakhi and Sai’s fault. Pakhi gives chance to Sai to hear taunts. Sai never cares about any of her gestures so why Pakhi insists her all the time. Pakhi starts her acting that she understood how good Samrat is. Virat thinks everyone is moving on happily but Sai will never understand his love. Pakhi tells Virat to have breakfast else Samrat will misunderstand. Sai says Samrat is intelligent and he identifies what is fake or real. She adds Pakhi suddenly started loving her after hating her for three years.

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Pakhi taunts Sai and the latter shuts her up. Pakhi says she won’t commit the mistake of coming between her and Virat anymore. Virat tells them to stop the fight. Samrat is waiting. Sai refuses to go and she asks Virat to return all her personal details which belongs to her father. Sai adds she wants to free Virat from all his burden. Virat says Sai won’t teach him about his duties. He gives her all the files and she says Virat won’t have to take her responsibilities. Virat says Sai is not thinking what she is doing. It will affect her in future. Sai says she won’t stop Virat from doing anything.

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