Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 28th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Ninad asks Samrat if he still believes that Virat and Pakhi have something in common. Bhavani said it was their past and nothing else. Pakhi will not be ready to end this marriage. They demand Samrat to reconsider. Sonali claims that Sai used to insult Pakhi every time she spoke to Virat in the past one year. Samrat claims that no one understands Sai, but he can feel her pain because his situation is similar. Omkar believes Samrat should stay in the house for the sake of his family.

Bhavani questions if Virat boht and Samrat boht are going to leave, then the family would be without them. Samrat said that he feels Virat doesn’t want to confront him so he is leaving. Omkar says Virat loves Samrat and can’t leave because he is his brother. Samrat claims that their bonding has changed. Ninad believes Samrat shouldn’t think like that. Mansi says she was looking for Samrat, and then she asks him if he spoke to Pakhi. Samrat said Pakhi is in a difficult spot and that she had been living with his family for some time so he advised her to stay put even after the divorce.

He will actually leave the house. Mansi says that this means you have already decided to divorce each other. Samrat says he does not want Pakhi to become his wife. He will release her. He later agrees to stay behind. Mansi promises him that he will stay back, saying that she made it clear to him that he should not have left the house. He won’t leave the house until all is resolved. Bhavani claims that she is certain Pakhi will give her a second chance at marriage. Samrat said he had spoken to her and she does not want him to stay with them. Bhavani said that Pakhi did not say yes to the divorce. Samrat believes they shouldn’t force her, and he knows Pakhi doesn’t want him to be her husband. Bhavani promises to talk to Pakhi. Samrat interrupts her and tells everyone clearly that nobody in the house will convince Pakhi to remain in the marriage. She will make the decision. If anyone attempts to convince Pakhi, he will immediately leave.

Virat sleeps. Sai says to Virat that he should eat. She tries to feed Virat, but he pushes her hand away and drops the plate. Virat is annoyed and tells her not to get in his way. He states that he does not want her to interfere in his life. Sai asks him to take some rest. Virat replies that he does not want her favor or concern. He walks away. Sai is disappointed and believes Virat doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life with him. She responds that she accepts his decision. Kamal’s photo is what she sees and she says that even though she pretends to have no relationship with Virat, she will feel lonely after Virat leaves her. She isn’t sure what she should do after she has left Virat. She lies down in front of the mirror and tells her self to stop crying. Sai claims she knew this would happen so why is she upset. She tells her to smile and keep going strong. She believes Virat is going as Samrat has returned to the house and he cannot accept Pakhi. She later gets up and walks away with a fake smile.

Samrat stops Sai, and he understands the hidden pain she feels behind her smile. He questions her about the matter. Sai said that she was worried about Virat’s health. He takes good care of her. Samrat suggests that you may also think there could be another reason Virat cares about you. Sai says it is because of respect, responsibility and other factors. Samrat advises her to see her marriage from a different perspective. She should not view it as a contract. She should just see it as a normal couple. Samrat suggests Sai forget about her past, as she has spent more time with Virat. She needs to think differently. Sai starts to wonder if she can forget Virat’s commitment, and start over with him.

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