Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode begins with Virat telling Chavans that Virat went to a cafe to meet Pakhi. Bhavani explains why they didn’t tell anyone about it and Pakhi could have told him at least. Bhavani claims she didn’t expect this from Pakhi. Virat said that Pakhi asked her to meet with her because she wanted to discuss something important. She is confused at the moment about her feelings so she asked him for his assistance to reach a solution. Shivani asks Virat why you have held hands with each other. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Virat explains that he had already explained why he met Pakhi, as Chavans might have misunderstood him in the house if he spoke to them. He informs Shivani that he did not expect such behavior from Shivani. Although he was once a believer in Shivani’s open-mindedness and freedom, he now believes she is living her life to her own standards.

Ninad questions who saw Virat & Pakhi holding hands. Ashwini suggests that it was Sai. Sai says she saw Virat, Pakhi and Ashwini. However, she didn’t want Shivani to hear about it. Samrat asks Virat if she is telling the truth about their meet-up because Sai saw you together. You would not have kept the matter secret, you wouldn’t have. Virat claims that Sai was furious after seeing them. Later, he told Samrat that he hated the moment when he chose not to tell Samrat the truth before marriage. Virat says that he used to be a coward back then, but Sai has taught him to confront the truth. He would have told Samrat the truth, and nothing would have gone wrong.

Virat claims he had a chance to reconcile with Samrat. Samrat is taken to the house temple by Virat. They stand together, and Virat recalls the times when he was inspired by Samrat. He then became a Police officer. Samrat is asked by Virat not to leave the house. Virat tells everyone that Pakhi is just a friend. Samrat should believe the same. Samrat asks Virat about Pakhi’s decision. She was confused as to why. It could be that she still loves Virat. Virat doesn’t think so. He said that he suggested to Pakhi to start over with Samrat. Samrat is her best friend. Samrat claims he left Pakhi, but Virat has always been with Sai. Virat said that they should now be focusing on Samrat, Pakhi. Sai is upset that Virat doesn’t want to talk about Sai. Virat tells Samrat, Pakhi and Pakhi to give each another a second chance. This is what the family wants.


Pakhi said that she needs to be able to make a decision after all this. Samrat said he understands that it is difficult for her to remain in the house for this year. Mansi suggests that Samrat and Pakhi talk to one another. Pakhi shouldn’t feel insulted. Bhavani said that Samrat should not misunderstand Pakhi or Virat when they spoke openly about their meeting. They weren’t hiding it. Pakhi returns to her bedroom. Virat informs Pakhi that he will be leaving in two days. Samrat should take care of his family. He should also make a wise decision regarding Pakhi. His choice will determine his rest. Virat leaves. Sai believes Virat decided to leave her.

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