Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode begins with Pakhi waiting at Cafe for Virat. Virat arrives and Pakhi is happy to see him. She orders two espressos. Virat is informed by her that she knows the choice. Virat says that choices change over time. He orders green tea. Virat tells Pakhi that he will get to the point quickly. Pakhi asks why you are so fast. He is fine, she says. Later, Pakhi says Samrat spoke to her and told her that he could stay back if she wanted him to. Virat is delighted to learn this. He encourages her to give Samrat a second chance. He is the best husband she could have. Pakhi believes she needs Virat to advise her on what she should do.

Virat is confused to hear that. He says it will be your choice, not mine. Pakhi brings back her past and tells him that they used to love one another. Virat was a wonderful friend and she shared many beautiful moments together. He cannot deny the fact that he loved her. Virat explains why Pakhi wants her to keep her past, even though she knows that everything has changed in the last year. He admitted that he did have a past, but it doesn’t exist anymore. Pakhi claims she cannot get over the past and got married to Samrat in fear that she would lose Virat’s friendship. She chose to move on, believing Virat had also changed his life. Virat claims he knows, but the situation is now different. Pakhi should be more concerned about her present. Pakhi insists that they must talk openly about their past. She has lived in Chavan Nivas only for Virat and not for Samrat. Virat is furious and says that he doesn’t want to talk with her anymore. Pakhi holds his hand as he is about to walk away. Virat said that his relationship with Pakhi was forever ended when his family accepted Pakhi as Samrat’s wife.

Pakhi claims she did not know that Virat was Samrat’s brother. If she was married to another person. Would he do it? Virat insists that he wouldn’t do the same to anyone else, and that he doesn’t want to go over his boundaries. Virat orders Pakhi to stop speaking loudly. Virat asks Pakhi why she can’t understand the simple things. Pakhi claims Virat cheated upon her. He didn’t keep his promise not to give her place to anyone. She is keeping her word and Virat’s life has been transformed since Sai arrived. Virat claims Kamal saved him and he was able to fulfill his last wish. He married Sai. He didn’t expect that Sai would become his life partner and not just a responsibility. Virat asks Pakhi, “If you were in my shoes what would you do?” If you want to move forward in your life, I will be truly happy for you. He says he was able to spend more time with Sai than with Pakhi, but that the time spent with Pakhi was much shorter.

Sai worries about Virat, wondering if he will take good care of himself. Pulkit meets her and assures that Virat will be fine. It’s just a viral fever. Sai’s friends ask Sai to go to a coffee shop since their classes have ended. Pulkit says that Sai will not accept the request, but she tells Pulkit to enjoy her college experience as it won’t return. Its near Chavan house also. Sai agrees. Virat asks Pakhi what about her. She insists that she cannot forget her past. Virat is still her only hope. He moved on. Virat claims that whatever he shared with Pakhi was only an infatuation. His love for Sai grew over time. He claims he understands Pakhi’s pain because Samrat divorced her after she was married.

He is now back, so she should give him at least one chance. Pakhi said that she would like to start over with Virat. Samrat also wants this. Virat becomes angry and claims he wants to make her understand why he has been trying so hard for so long. He loves Sai only. Pakhi claims Virat loves Sai, but Sai doesn’t feel the same. She doesn’t get his feelings. Virat is quite open to that. Pakhi questions what you found in Sai that isn’t in me. Virat warns her to not exceed her boundaries.

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