Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode begins with Virat telling Pakhi that he doesn’t want to talk about him. Pakhi asks why we don’t have a second chance. Samrat revealed the truth about us to everyone. We can all start a new chapter together. Chavans won’t get shocked if we get united. Virat claims it’s all nonsense, and she shouldn’t think like that. Pakhi claims she cannot forget her past. She suggests Virat divorce Sai, and Samrat will be also divorced. She can then live with him again. This is their last chance. Virat claims that this is their last chance and Pakhi will not get anything by all of this. This will cause her more pain.

Pakhi claims she loves Virat deeply and that she would be lost without him. She continues to ask him to reconsider. Virat loses control and asks if he has to admit that he doesn’t love her. Everyone looks at him as he drops one thing wrongly. Virat apologizes to the staff. Virat advises Pakhi to start over with Samrat. Samrat is a very nice man and every woman will be happy to have him as her husband. Pakhi claims she isn’t like Virat and can’t be with anyone else. She is only in love with Virat, and can’t give anything to Samrat right now. Virat suggests she be open-minded and willing to accept change. Samrat will support her in the future. He said that Pakhi will soon experience an unexpected change. Pakhi said that everything is fine between you, Sai. Virat doesn’t answer.

Sai’s friends question Sai about her concern for Virat after he insulted Ajinkya. Sai claims Virat has already apologized and is now ill. According to her friend, there are other people in the home who could take care of Virat. Sai believes Pakhi is there for Virat. She should not worry about him.

Virat believes Pakhi shouldn’t compare her marriage to Virat’s. It’s all about the past and its dead. Pakhi claims she loves Virat and can’t forget about him. She weeps. Virat claims he understands her pain, but can’t lie that he feels for her. Pakhi then lies to me that he loves me. That will at least calm me. Everyone watches her as she starts to cry. Virat is embarrassed and sits next to Pakhi. He encourages her to stop crying. They are all being watched by everyone. Pakhi holds his hand, and she says that she loves him very much. Virat encourages her to only think of Samrat. Sai, along with her friends, enters Cafe and is shocked to see Virat and Pakhi hold hands. Sai’s friends mock Sai because Virat is ill. Virat chilling out with another woman. Sai claims Pakhi is Samrat’s wife. Virat and Pakhi see Sai there.

Virat requests the waiter to pay the bill. Virat is asked by Sai’s friends to join them. Sai claims she shouldn’t be here. Virat insists that Virat will come back at a different time. Sai doesn’t stop Virat, but Pakhi takes Sai aside to try and explain the situation. But Sai insists that she doesn’t need an excuse. Pakhi claims she was trying to discuss something very urgent. Virat tells her he’ll leave. Before that, he told Sai what he thinks about Pakhi and Virat. However, he really wants Pakhi’s and Samrat’s happiness. Sai shouldn’t instigate Samrat with false statements. Sai believes she knows that Virat and Pakhi were planning for their future.

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