Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode begins with Pakhi telling Samrat that he can’t break her mangalsutra. Samrat insists that he cannot. He says this is a sign that he cannot. Samrat finally accepts Pakhi. Pakhi is happy. Bhavani believes that Janmashtami celebrations are incomplete. Mohit claims he will call Samrat. Ashwini states that everyone is eager to hear the decision of Samrat and Pakhi. Samrat arrives, and Pakhi invites everyone to eat. Samrat’s favorite food is served to her. Ashwini teases Pakhi, telling her what’s so special about today. Bhavani is happy, and Mansi tells Pakhi that she is happy for her. Virat informs everyone that Virat is moving on as his transfer order arrived. Sai informs everyone that Virat applied for transfer for himself. Ashwini wonders why.

Virat claims he must leave, and he will send monthly cheques to Sai. Sai claims she doesn’t have to send the cheques, as she has her scholarship money. Virat claims he assumed her responsibility, so she can’t stop him fulfilling that. Pakhi informs Virat to put off his posting because she wants to perform puja with Samrat. She states that she would like to perform puja with Samrat before beginning a new life. Samrat will not be leaving, which makes everyone happy. They bless Samrat and Pakhi. Pakhi claims she hopes Samrat will enjoy her prepared food. Sai attempts to help Pakhi, but Pakhi behaves sweetly with Sai. She tells her to share food with everyone. Everyone is shocked to see Pakhi’s new attitude. Samrat receives coconut ladoo from Pakhi. Everyone loves Pakhi’s food. Bhavani promises that they will celebrate Janmashtami with grand style after hearing this wonderful news.

Pakhi claims that she did not participate in puja with her husband because he had left her before, but she now wants to be Samrat’s wife. Pakhi sees Virat and doesn’t think she will cry for him, but she will show him that she can be happy. Pakhi believes Virat will be willing to delay his posting. Virat embraces Samrat and tells him he’s happy for him. Ashwini blesses both of them as they are now brothers. Virat said that he cannot postpone his posting. It won’t have any impact on Pakhi and Samrat’s marital life, so it doesn’t matter. Pakhi is surprised. Sai claims Virat should not have applied for the transfer. Ashwini supports Sai. Virat believes Sai should be focusing on her studies. Sai suggests that we wait and see if your transfer happens.

Virat claims it has been approved. It won’t get cancelled. He says that Sai should be glad he’s leaving. Sai asks if you would like to tell Sai that you are leaving the house because of me. Virat said he doesn’t have to tell Sai how much he dislikes him. He is now leaving for her good. He will assume her responsibility until she is a doctor. Sai said that you made this decision for me. Virat doesn’t say anything like that. It’s only for her benefit. Samrat said that he will be leaving after I return. Samrat says he doesn’t believe that. He wants to accept new challenges and is therefore going to the area to confront terrorists. Chavans attempt to stop Virat because he shouldn’t leave Janmashtami. Samrat and Virat love this festival. Virat believes that duty is more important than anything else. He cannot stay still. Sai is upset.

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