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High Court castigates Haryana CM Khattar, ‘You are responsible for Death of 30 Persons’

August 26,2017:

Bench accused CM of even misleading the Court on preprations Govt had made to contain the crowd.

Violence in Panchkula                                               Pic by indianexpress

On Saturday, Punjab and Haryana HC castigated State Govt. holding it squarely responsible for violence that erupted in Panchkula on Friday which led to death of 30 people.

High Court reprimanded the State’s Advocate General Baldev Raj Mahajan and held CM ML Khattar responsible for protecting Dera Sacha Sauda.

High Court while reprimanding the State expounded that,“There has been a sea difference between the administrative and the political decisions. Administrative decisions were paralysed because of the political decisions. By placing a DCP under the suspension, but was he the only person responsible for all this? Are you trying to tell us this?”.

Court further added that,“Chief Minister is Home Minister. Why have you allowed people to assemble for the period of seven days. Thus, CM is protecting them”.

The Thousands of the Dera followers, who had assembled in Panchkula, began indulging in act of arson and loot, burning the police vehicles, the media OB vans, the government buildings were attacked and railway stations. About 30 people were killed in clashes in Panchkula and Sirsa, the headquarters of the Dera, and over 300 people injured.

High Court has thus asked Haryana Govt. to submit a detailed plan on sanitising Dera headquarters in Sirsa and its other branches across Haryana.

P&H HC has asked the AG of Haryana to name officer who told him that there were only five cars in Dera Chief’s convoy while he was being brought from Sirsa to CBI court which is situated in Panchkula on Friday.

HC has asked Punjab and Haryana Govt. to submit a list of properties owned by Dera across States and has also prohibited Dera from alienating any property till further directions of the Court.

Source PTI

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