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High Court to decide if Rajnikant’s son in law Dhanush is biological child of a Tamil Couple



Bench asked him to appear in the Court for cross checking of identification marks.

Tamil Actor Dhanush appeared before Madurai Bench of Madras High Court, as directed by Court in connection with a couple’s claim that he was their son.

When Dhanush appeared before Court of Justice G Chockalingam, he directed Government doctors and Registrar of the High Court bench to verify his identification marks.

Accordingly, the verification was done in  Registrar’s Chamber, and case was adjourned to March 2 for the final hearing.

Dhanush had filed a petition in the High Court seeking to quash proceedings initiated by Judicial Magistrate Court in Melur based on a case filed by R Kathiresan (65) of Madurai and his wife Meenakshi (53). The couple have sought maintenance from actor claiming that the he was their son.

Actor in his submission stated that he was not their son and that somebody was behind them to extract money from him.

According to the couple, their son had a mole on the collar and a scar on forearm. The actor clarified that he does not have such identification marks.

The Actor had submitted a birth certificate, according to which he was born on July 28, 1983. The couple side claimed that birth certificate was not genuine because his name was not mentioned in the certificate a nd the same was issued on June 21,1993, after 10 years of his birth


Actor Dhanush further added that his birth name  is R K Venkatesh Raja which was changed to Dhanush K Raja in 2003.
But, the typed set of papers filed before the court said that his name was mentioned as Dhanush in 2002, Couple’s side added.
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