Imlie 14th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode starts with Aditya asking Imlie will she forgive him. Imlie says she wants to get rid of all the habits now. She used to light diya for their relationship but now she won’t. Imlie says Aditya couldn’t forget his love for Malini. Aditya says he loves Imlie and he forgot Malini long time ago. Imlie asks then how could he not differentiate between her and Malini.

How can he spend night with another woman thinking her to be Imlie. Imlie says she can’t forgive him, it’s impossible. She has no choice but leaving him. She is not brave enough to forgive him. Aditya should only keep her in his memories. Aditya holds Imlie’s hand and pleads her not to go as their bonding is not that weak. Imlie leaves.

Malini sees that from corner. Malini comes and Aditya apologises to her. Malini says they are friends and they won’t leave each other’s side. Aditya says he has to win Imlie’s trust again. Malini thinks Aditya can’t do anything now. Aditya will choose her and Imlie will be out of their lives.

Malini and Anu go to a garden and burns Imlie’s saree which was the only proof against Malini. Dev arrives and talks to someone. Malini hears his voice and Anu extinguishes the fire seeing him. Malini and Anu talk to Dev. Dev gets the burning smell and gets doubtful. Anu diverts the topic and Malini tells Dev to talk to Imlie once as she is upset. Anu hides Imlie’s saree in the car dickey.

Dev meets Imlie. He talks to her and Malini both. Dev says because of Aditya, Malini and Imlie should not get separated as they are sisters. Aditya doesn’t deserve them and they should go with him instead. Malini and Imlie both should not choose Aditya. They don’t need him. Malini says Aditya proved last night he still loves her and she won’t leave him.

Imlie should leave the house and stay with Dev as Dev always cares for Imlie not for her. Imlie says she will do what she thinks is right. Imlie takes her belongings and goes out with Meethi and Dulari. Dev tries to stop her. Aditya stops Imlie and tells her to talk to him once. Aparna tells Aditya to let Imlie leave.

Radha gives jewels to Imlie and says she should not come back again. Harish says he did wrong by considering Imlie his daughter. Rupy says Imlie did so much for them, these jewels can’t compensate for that. Imlie shuts them and says though they can’t accept her as the daughter in law of the house but this will always be her sasural. She has no greed for expensive things. She gives back the jewels and says she will only take their blessings nothing else. She says she lied to him to save their family respect and now she will leave to save their status only.

Aditya says he will also leave with Imlie but Aparna stops him. Meethi says they couldn’t understand the value of Imlie so they want to return her favor by giving her jewels. This house doesn’t deserve Imlie and in her absence they will understand her worth. Imlie is about to leave but Aditya holds her hand. He requests Meethi with folded hands to not leave with Imlie. Anu says she will file complaint against Aditya if he doesn’t accept Malini. She will put molestation charges on him.

Tripathis tell Aditya to not stop Imlie else he will end up in trouble. Aditya says he should get punished for breaking Imlie’s trust. He will surrdender himself to police. Anu says to Malini that their plan is backfiring them. Malini goes to Aditya and starts acting. She says why can’t he think of her respect. If public learn about their private matter she wont be able to explain anything. She can’t show her face. She hugs Aparna and pretends to cry. Aditya feels helpless.

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