Imlie 1st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Rupy gives water to everyone, but Aparna is crying constantly. She tells Sundar that she wants Aditya to come home. Sundar arrives with Kheer and discovers that Aditya is not there. Harish assures everyone that Aditya is still alive. He is only missing. Aparna promises to make kheer now for Aditya and he’ll be back. She begins to walk but then loses her balance. Imlie holds her, and Aparna begins to cry. She says, “Bring back Adi.”

Imlie assures Aparna that Aditya was not hurt. Aparna suddenly becomes furious and pushes Imlie aside. She curses Imlie, claiming that you have killed her son. Pankaj comforts Aparna, who is crying. Meethi holds Imlie. Nishant receives a call from mortuary about a deceased body found close to a hillside. They have to go to the spot to identify it. Tripathis are shocked, and Aparna is heartbroken. Malini also weeps, claiming it is all her fault. Anu doesn’t allow her to tell the truth. Imlie holds her mother and cries.

Tripathis reach the mortuary, and Imlie remembers her time with Aditya. Everyone recalls their experiences with Aditya. Pankaj is told by Aparna that Aditya had asked for forgiveness, but she refused to forgive him. Pankaj comforts her by saying Aditya would be back. Malini holds Anu and breaks down in tears. Imlie claims she doesn’t believe Aditya has returned. Harish tries slowly to take off the cover covering the dead body’s head but is unable. Doctor tells Harish that if he gets scared like that, he will be able to identify the body.

Harish tries to remove the cover again by shaking his hands. Everyone closes their eyes. Harish lifts the cover to see that another person is lying. Aditya is not the one. That’s a relief for everyone. Inspector claims Aditya’s body cannot be found. It is gone. Imlie loses control and shouts at inspector. She claims she knows Aditya’s alive, and that nothing has happened to him.

Tripathis is told by Imlie to trust her intuition. She claims Aditya promised her that he would be back, and then she wonders how he can die. Imlie falls to the floor and tells Pankaj not to believe Aditya has died. Pankaj comforts Imlie and hugs her. Imlie continues to say Aditya is fine.

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